Head Counselor: Lexie

Junior Counselors : Kelly and Daisy

Week 4:

It was so wonderful to spend the morning with friends and family on Thursday morning in the doghouse!  Thank you for coming out to visit–the Puppies were so excited to shares their bunk with you (and Daisy, Kelly and I really enjoyed meeting you!).  If you couldn’t make it on Visiting Day, please feel free to stop in anytime (with the exception of Friday, we do Instructional Swim each day at 10:15am).
We had another fun-filled week in the Puppies Bunk!  The children enjoyed making little story books in our bunk and creating an Anansi web and spider in Art.  In Nature, we were thrilled to make homemade vanilla ice cream with Sarah (in only 15 minutes!) and hike through the woods to pick wild rasberries.  Yum!  During Makers this week, the Puppies  worked on creations with paper, tape, glue, popsicle sticks and playdough.  Brenda Rose enchanted the students with her telling of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice in music class.  Many thanks to Leah’s Mom for bringing us pretzels shaped like the number % to celebrate Leah’s birthday!  We loived them!
Carnival Week is going to be amazing!  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns (215-341-1295).


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Week 2 Update

Week 2 in our Puppies Doghouse was filled with awesome activities that the Puppies really enjoyed.  In our Drama class, we listened to Five Chinese Brothers and Sylvester and the Magic Pebble and then dramatized the stories.  The children delighted in singing patriotic songs with our music teacher Brenda Rose and making red, white and blue fruit kebobs with Chef Terry.  This week was the Puppies’ first chance to experience our Makers special with Dave.  We had a great time thinking about making creations using plain white paper–the results were amazing!  The Puppies continue thrive in Spanish class, where they are learning about sea creatures and colors using song and games.  In Nature we planted different seeds with Sarah.  Instruction and Free Swim are a wonderful and FUN part of our day–the Puppies are showing such confidence and skills in the pool!
It is a joy to be with your children each day–I hope they are having as much fun as we are with them.  Please text me if you have any questions or concerns (215-341-1295).  Also, please remember to label your child’s clothing–it really helps us to keep everyone organized!
Thank You!

Welcome to the Puppies!

Woof! Woof!  A warm welcome to the Puppies Bunk!  We are so excited to spend the summer with your energetic children this season.  My name is Alexis (Lexie)  Adorno and I am a preschool teacher of 3 and 4 year olds at Overbrook Preschool.  I cannot think of a more wonderful way to spend the summer than swimming, playing and exploring with your children at Tenderfoot Camp this summer.  My husband Dave and I have three beautiful children (two girls and a boy) and a menagerie of pets that we live with in Ardmore.

The Puppies Bunk has an awesome team this year: Kelly Harrigan is a junior at Lower Merion High School and is interested in pursuing studies in education and/or writing; Daisy Eckler is a junior at Ridley High School and would like to study drama or languages.  Both Daisy and Kelly bring a wonderful sense of humor, playfulness, diligence and compassion to the bunk each day.

We had such a terrific (and BUSY!) first week and we are looking forward to spending the next 6 weeks with your children!  Please let us know how your child is feeling about camp and if there are any questions or concerns you would like to address.


Thank you!



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