Head counselor: Traci

Assistant Counselor: Megan

Junior Counselors: Samantha

CIT: Tori

Welcome to the Lamb Bunk:

My name is Traci Reid and I am the head counselor.  This is my second year at Tenderfoot Camp and I’m ecstatic to be here.  I have a Masters Degree in Education and I love my profession. Throughout the years I have taught PreK-12th grades.  There will be wonderful counselors assisting me throughout the summer (Meghan and Tori).  They will also help to make your child’s Tenderfoot Camp experience exciting, fun and memorable.

We are very glad to have you join us this summer at Friends’ Central.  To make your child(ren) as comfortable as possible, please review the following:


  • Please label  ALL of your child’s belongings (especially swim trunks and towels).  This makes it easy to identify and mixed-up belongings and return it to the rightful owner.


  • Please put a special marking on goggles and reapply as needed so that there will not be any confusion.




  • Please send your child to camp in a bathing suit or swim trunks regardless of weather or if they think that they may not want to swim.  Sometimes the weather changes or they change their minds about wanting to swim.


  • Please send another bathing suit/swim trunks for afternoon swim.  ANOTHER TOWEL ISN’T NEEDED (Pack a plastic bag for wet clothing)


  • Be sure to send in all lunches in a brown bag or a plastic bag. This makes for easy storage in the refrigerator as well as disposal after lunch.  As for drinks…the children get their choice of ice water for snack and apple juice, milk, or ice water for lunchtime.


  • Please pack a brown newspaper bag to collect all summer activities.


We have many fun filled days ahead of us at Tenderfoot Camp.  Thanks for your help in getting this summer off to a great beginning.  If you have any questions, feel free to email ( or call (703-624-5778).

Have an awesome summer….

Traci Reid

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