Tuesday, Feb. 24th

Good morning,

* Reminder- PKB visits the Book Fair tomorrow at 10:00.  Please refer to the Feb. 6th post for the fair information.  We are just about to begin Black Bears.  Each child is making a den for his/her brown bear cutouts.  This project is taking longer than expected; we hope to have it done by Friday.

Letter is ‘J’.  Please review at home, if you have a chance.

** Instead of Gym, both PK’s and Kindergarten classes had an assembly.  We had the opportunity to meet author/illustrator Jules Feiffer and his talented daughter, Kate Feiffer.  They shared ideas for drawing two of their storybooks.  The children were read the story, “Henry- The Dog With No Tail.”  The book is actually based on Kate’s Australian Sheperd.  Also, they introduced a new storybook coming out in April about President Obama and the dog his family may choose to live in the White House.  The idea is very cute!  Pictures of the assembly should be posted shortly.

Thank-you.  Have a safe and happy afternoon,

Sue and Jason

Letter Review

Letter Review Week
This week PKA enjoyed reviewing some letters. We will continue to review letters next week as we evaluate the children for our spring conferences. This week the children enjoyed practicing writing their letters, stamping letters and the sounds of the letters. In our handwriting books we learned the magic “C” and that to make the letters “O” &”Q”, you start with the letter “C”.

In math we reviewed our counting skills through looking and writing in a calendar up to the number 20. As we review the letters learned, we continue to review math skills. This week we worked on math packets from last week, counting, patterning, 1:1 correspondence to ten, pattern blocks and sorting.

The Arctic Unit is continuing to be a successful learning experience for all. This week we focused on play practice. We also finished the chapter book, Polar Bears Past Bedtime. We reviewed facts about polar bears and the Arctic. We listed facts on the bathroom door as well as our bulletin board. We watched some videos of polar bears in the wild as well as seeing cubs with their mother. Lars has enjoyed his visits home and looks forward to his play dates next week. On Thursday, PKA and KC did a blubber experiment. Many thanks to Evelyn for her help in making the experiment PERFECT! Each child dipped one hand in the icy water in the water table to represent the cold Arctic sea. Then they stuck the other hand in a bag filled with “blubber” (Crisco) and felt what it is like to “swim” with blubber. (They didn’t feel the cold.) We all agreed that when and if we swim in the cold Arctic seas, we would want lots of blubber on us! Friday’s free play was fun and educational. The kids took turns playing with the land Arctic animals in the “snow and ice” and the water animals in the water table. It was adorable watching them interact and use the information we learned these past few months in their play. PKA finished their dioramas this week. They look fantastic! Please stop in and take a look, they are displayed on the windowsills. This afternoon we enjoyed making polar bear magnets with Ms. Neubert.

Today we went to the library to listen to Book Talks. The pre-kindergarten children listened to descriptions of a few books that will be at the Book Fair next week.

Thanks to Mabret and family for the yummy treat of cupcakes on Wednesday. Friday, Mabret and family shared a slide show from their trip to Ethiopia where Mabret used to live. Many thanks.

• Book Fair assembly for PK is Tuesday at 9am. We will go to the Book Fair Tuesday at 10:30, which is in the Meeting Room.
• Family Night is Wednesday, February 24th at 6:45pm.
• The play is Thursday, March 12th at 1:30pm.
• All costumes need to be in by NEXT Friday. Please make sure you label the pants and the shirt or sweatshirt.
• April 16th is a field trip to the Academy of Natural Sciences for our introduction to BUGS!
• Spring break is March 18th-March 30th. Classes resume on Tuesday, March 31st.
• If you haven’t signed up for a conference, please do so this week. This will help us prepare evaluations.

While I’m thinking of it…

Good morning,

We’d like to thank Sarah and her family for the super letter ‘S’ objects! The class thoroughlly enjoyed looking at her things!

Next week: Letter ‘J’ and resuming our Bear unit.

While I’m thinking of it… Parent’s Morning is Thursday April 23rd. The day begins at 9:30 and ends at 11:00. You will join us for Devotions, Meeting for Worship, a craft in the classroom and a special.

** Only one parent from each family! We cannot have both parents in the classroom; however, you may split the time with your spouse. It would be really helpful to have atleast one parent per child as we would rather not have a sad child because neither parent could attend. **


Have a safe and happy weekend,
Sue and Jason

Thursday, Feb. 19th

Good morning,

The visit to the Upper Campus went extremely well! If pictures aren’t posted, they should be shortly.

This week, we started our unit on Bears. We’ve spent most of the week speaking generally about them. Today, we started a bit on the grizzly bear. The class had blueberry jam on crackers for snack. Since some bears eat berries, we will introduce a new jam weekly. Also, we read, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear…” Our class is making up their version of the story. ** It will go home with one child beginning next Monday. PLEASE check your child’s backpack regularly to see if it’s in his/her backpack. It’s important that each child takes the book home – only- overnight, with the exception on Fridays. Please help us- if your child has the book, please enjoy reading it and return it promptly so other families can have it on a timely basis!**

Book Talks are tomorrow at 11:00 in the Library. If you are attending, please meet us at the Library. The Book Fair begins next week. Our class visits on Wed. Fe. 25 th at 10:00. Again, you may meet us in the Meeting Room- as in a prior post- to help pick out books with your child.

Thank-you. Have a safe and happy day,
Sue and Jason

Tuesday, Feb. 17th

Good Afternoon,

Today, we began the introduction on Bears. And the class worked on the letter ‘S’ in the handbooks. We will continue to work on Bear and ‘S’ activites for the remainder of the week.

Rminder- Tomorrow we’ll visit our 8th grade buddies at the Upper Campus. We’ll leave promptly after lunch and return by 2:00 or so.

Sue and Jason

P Week

Our precious PKA children had a great time learning the letter P!

Arctic Unit

We read a lot of informative and fun books about the Arctic (and Antarctic), including polar bears, penguins, igloos, and the Iditarod. The children learned several facts about polar bears. They colored in booklets with facts about the anatomy, fur, skin, habitat, range, diet, and reproduction of polar bears. Mrs. Kallam then asked them quiz questions to reinforce what the children learned. Each child is being sent home a fact today to memorize for the play. Please help your child practice their line! The children wrote poems about polar bears and the Arctic with their project buddies. We will place them on our dioramas the children are putting together next week

As part of our cross-curricular unit, the children went to KC and learned a lot about penguins. Mrs. Johns showed them the different parts of the penguin like its bill, flippers, egg flap, crop, tail, belly, feet, back, and eyes. At the end of the lesson the two classes waddled and danced to a funny penguin song!

The children also learned dog sledding commands such as hike!, gee!, haw!, and more! We also learned information on the Iditarod and how the “mushers” get the sled dogs to go. You should come see our bulletin board! We took pictures of the children and have them dog sledding in the Iditarod!

PKA made igloos out of icing and sugar! We sure had a delicious time making them!! Although, by the time they come home Mrs. Kallam and Miss Danielle extremely suggest that the children do not eat them!! We sprinkled the igloos with shredded coconut to make them look like a snowy arctic scene!

Letter of the Week (P)

We had lots of practice learning about the letter P! The children sang their P song, and listened to books with the letter P! We painted purple P’s on paper. The children had a good time playing auditory games listening closely to words that begin with the letter P and clapping. We traced sandpaper letters and came up with our own words that begin with P. We also practice forming the letter P with Handwriting without Tears material. The children did a seek-and-find with highlighters for the letter P and then counted them. Finally we matched and colored socks in pairs.


PKA designed a picture and wrote about polar bear facts in their journals. The children are continuing to learn proper letter formation in their Handwriting Books as well as correct grip, keeping the helping hand planted correctly, and focusing.


On Monday, the children had a math lesson using links. Each child connected a set of the same colored links, we then connected all of the children’s links together (still holding the set we each built), and counted up to 120. We also showed that if each child holds one set of 10 links and you count to 40 (for example) that there are 4 children holding 4 sets of ten. We discussed this with every new set of 10 links starting with 10 and going up to 120. The rest of the week we worked in our “Love is in the Air” math booklets consisting of distinguishing differences, more or less, and heavy and light. PKA is also adding numbers daily in their personal calendar for February. The calendars help us learn in a variety of ways. We are reinforcing counting, gaining a better sense of number and time, and many other things as well.


For our Valentines day project, we made an “Expressions of Love” mobile representing our community out of Mandelas and coloring them in our own special way. The kids were extremely excited to have our Valentine’s Day party and placed their cards in each friend’s bag! Thank you to the Salls for bringing in juice! The Duviviers for the variety of cupcakes! The Dubbs for the rice crispy treats! The Daniilidis’s for the paper plates, cups, and napkins! Mrs. Fox for coming in to read two Valentines Day stories! And to all of the parents who participated in making cards with their children! To end our celebration, the Levants came in and read an afternoon story. They also mentioned returning to PKA to talk about Ethiopia, where Mabret was born, and will share with us their experiences there.


During devotions we reinforced our good listening skills by listening to little sounds we hear when we close our eyes. We talked about how important it is to listen. We thought about people we loved, set goals such as being good peace keepers and helping a friend and wrote all of our wonderful acts of kindness in our special book. Every child who took Lars home with them got to share their experience with the class at Devotions.

Coming Up Soon.

-Letter of the week will be a review of all of the letters we learned (This may be extended for two weeks as we prepare for spring evaluations.)

-Conferences are coming, beginning on March!

-White clothes for the play are needed by the end of the month.

-Next Wednesday, 12/18, at 12:30 we are going to the middle school to meet with are 8th grade buddies. We will ride on the FCS shuttle and return by 1:45.

-The play is THURSDAY, MARCH 12 at 1:30pm in the gym. Dress rehearsal is WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11 at 1:30. You will have the option of purchasing the play on DVD, which is recorded by a professional photographer and then he adds a picture slide show filled with our PKA memories. It’s a treasure! We will have a small reception after the play in our room. If you are interested in helping out with the reception, please contact Janie Schoenborn.

-Book Fair is fast approaching! We will email you the details next week.

-There is NO school on Monday, February 16th. We will see you Tuesday, February 17th!

Have a great weekend!

Kristi and Danielle

Play details and service projects

Arctic Unit Update
This is what we hope will serve as an informative letter about our theme and some upcoming events.

As you know, PKA is studying about the Arctic and KC is studying the Antarctic. Each week we meet as a group and focus on one aspect of these units. PKA teaches KC about polar bears while we learn about penguins from them. As a community building lesson, we are joining forces and working on a play together. Working and creating a play is a wonderful learning experience for the children.

What we need from you is the following…WHITE PANTS & WHITE LONG SLEEVED T-SHIRT/SWEATSHIRT. Please label these items and bring them to school by the end of February. (Due by Friday, February 27th!) We are still working on acquiring white children’s gloves.

Please note that the date of our play is THURSDAY, MARCH 12th and will be performed in the Lower School gym at 1:30pm. The Dress Rehearsal is scheduled for Wednesday, March 11th at 1:30. There will be a small reception in the PKA room following the play. Please contact Janie Schoenborn if you would like to help out with food, drink or paper products.

The children are becoming polar region experts and are highly engaged in this unit. We would like to extend the learning to provide our class with performing a service project. As a Quaker school, we believe in the importance of providing service to others. We are toying around with a few ideas on how we can provide the children in PKA with a learning experience that they will take with them later in life. As you know, they LOVE polar bears. In the upcoming weeks we will be discussing that polar bears are an endangered species, mainly due to the effects of global warming. With Earth Day celebrated in April, we believe that by learning about HOW global warming is affecting these beautiful mammals, the children will want to help. (We will also discuss ways that we can help stop global warming with Mr. Grove in the upcoming weeks leading to Earth Day.) We are in the beginning planning stages, but we hope to do two service projects to raise money for a charity that will specifically help polar bears.

The first project will take place in the classroom. We hope to create hand made cards, designed by the children, with polar animals on them. We hope to sell them at the play. All proceeds will go directly to the charity. (Kristi will purchase all the materials needed to create these beautiful cards.) If we proceed with this service project, please consider purchasing these cards at the play. (3 hand made cards for $5.00 and 1 for $2.00…that’s cheaper than HALLMARK:) We are also considering making mugs from these cards, and they will also be for sale.

The second service project requires help from each of you. Along with KC, we hope to have a joint bake sale on Monday, March 16th. We would need 1-2 dozen baked goods from you to sell at the sale. We will send home a sign up sheet for you fill out when we finalize our plans.

As soon as we decide on these projects, we will let you know. We wanted to give you all a heads up on what we are planning.

Starting in April, we will move from the Arctic to begin our study on Insects and Spiders. We will raise caterpillars and praying mantids. This is a really fun unit filled with lots of hands-on learning. On April 16th, we will travel to the Academy of Natural Sciences for a lesson on butterflies.

Please note there is NO school from March 18th (conference day) to March 30. We resume classes on Tuesday, March 31.
Kristi and Danielle


Good morning,

I’d like to thank everyone for addressing the valentines properly!! It gave us extra time to do a couple of projects. Each child delivered his/her own cards to each friend and it went so smoothly! I really appreciate your help! We were able to finish our Scholastic magazine and put ‘Gold Glitter’ on the letter ‘G’ for alphabet books.

Have a wonderful weekend! Have a fun Valentine’s Day with your child!

See you Tuesday,
Sue and Jason

Thursday Feb. 12th

Good afternoon,

Yesterday, Marci Morgan created a wonderful valentine craft, which will go home today. The class thoroughly enjoyed making the craft with pink, white and red tissue paper which covered a red heart.
Our class met with their 2nd grade buddies. We reviewed Jackie Robinson. A project about Jackie was made by each child and his/her buddy.

Today the class made play doh snakes to create the letter ‘G’. Also with a small chalkboard, each child traced a ‘G’ using a small piece of a wet sponge. Then the ‘G’ was wiped off and each child took a green piece of chalk to trace over the erased letter.

We’d like to thank Carolyn and her family for the ‘G’ objects! The class loved her objects!

Tomorrow we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Also, we will finish our ‘African Americans Who Made a Difference’ unit.

Next week: We will begin our unit on ‘Bears: Real and Imaginary’ and the letter ‘S’.

* Remember: No School on Monday! It’s President’s Day.

Have a safe and happy evening,
Sue and Jason

While I’m thinking of it…

FCS Lower School is having a Used Book Drive. Books are collected in the classroom for the month of February. Children are encouraged to donate gently used books that they no longer need. This years’s beneficiery is the Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education. This is an organization which strives to improve the quality of life through tennis and education for children ages 4-18 from multicultural, at risk and underserved populations. FCS teachers are given the opportunity to select books for thrie classroom before te bulk of the books go to charity.
* If you wish to donate any books, please put them in the box outside the classroom.

Sue and Jason

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