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I teach, therefore you learn?

I teach, therefore you learn… or do you? from José Picardo on Vimeo.

Google Docs in Plain English

Google Docs

Flickr in Plain English


What’s the big deal about blogs?

Video Book Reports

An interesting tech-twist on the traditional book report! We can do this!


Welcome to Web 2.0

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Web 2.0

A ‘’ Way of Bookmarking


Google earth

RSS in Plain English

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A Guide to RSS and More 

Using Windows Media Encoder

Ever wished to you could record what was happening on your screen?

Peer-editing sessions in the languages (including English), solutions to complex problems in math and science could be recorded, saved and made available for students to view again and again from their home computers.

If you have a tablet pc, you can even record the ink notes that you are writing on the screen and play them back later…with your voice recorded as well.

The first step in making this wish a reality is learning to use Windows Media Encoder.

A wizard will walk you through the steps for recording screen video.

Yes, there are lots of “steps” but don’t let that fool or intimidate you. It is quite intuitive.


Choose Capture Screen and click OK


Select the size of the capture – typically Entire screen.


Select the location for the movie to be saved. We recommend creating a video folder on your C: drive.


These files will be stored in this location temporarily and will eventually be moved to the media server.


Select the quality: Choose High


Optional Step: We typically leave this information blank.


Click Finish. Then press OK the dialog box that follows. After clicking OK the media encoder is minimized and your screen is being recorded.


Switch to PowerPoint so you can begin inking.




You may use media encoder to record any application.


When you are done making your movie, switch out of the application you were recording and back to Windows Media Encoder.


Hit the Stop button to stop the recording


Click Yes




Play Output File if you wish to preview the movie.


Remember the file has been saved to your C: drive.


You may now edit the video file or record narration using Movie Maker. 

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