This week PKA was practicing, practicing, practicing and practicing!!! Tuesday we jumped right into learning play songs and our lines. We had a good time performing the play on the stage for the first time too. In the afternoon we did lots of preparation for the play and boy, will you be surprised! It’s going to be fantastic!

All week, besides from practicing the play, PKA was busy making beautiful Arctic Animal cards. We will sell them at our play next Thursday. Each card will be $1.00. All proceeds will go to the World Wildlife Fund. On Friday, PKA made more cards with help from Tiki’s mom…thank you Janie for all your help! The cards are so gorgeous!

All the costumes are in! Thank you parents. Also, we send a big thank you in advance for all your willingness to bake for our Bake Sale on Monday, March 16th. Please have each item wrapped in a plastic baggie. (Two cookies, three munchkins or a brownie should be wrapped up. Cupcakes are OK to not have wrapped.) Please have all items arrive by 8:30am.

The play is Thursday, March 12th at 1:30pm in the GYM!!!! Seating will become available at 1:15. If you are making something for the play, please drop it off before the play, on the table outside the room, unless otherwise discussed with the teachers. (The class will be pretty nervous and excited for the play and if they see you before hand, it can cause an unpleasant reaction=TEARS, CRYING and wanting the parent…)

At Devotions we’ve been thinking about manners and the different kinds of manners that we use at school. We’ve talked about the importance of being patient and also to remember that we should say “please” and “thank you”. Reminders about how to act at the lunch table were discussed this week too! All week, we’ve read stories relating to the Arctic. We also started a new chapter book that Noah brought in from his local library called, The White Wolf.

• PLAY-March 12th at 1:30
• BAKE SALE is MONDAY, March 16th
• Please bring in baked items by 8:30am on Monday, March 12th
• Spring break is March 18-30th. School reopens on Tuesday, March 31st.
• Field trip is April 16th…details to follow.

Have a great weekend! We didn’t take to many pictures because we want to surprise you with our play…so come back next week and view some pictures!

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