On Sunday, March 8th, there is a Polar Bear Plunge at Lloyd Hall in Philadelphia, that’s 1 Boathouse Row at 10am. The Alzheimer’s Association is sponsering this fund raiser. Committee Member, Margie Wainfan was our sub today and is involved in this special time. There will be music, breakfast fare, moon-bouncing, face-painting and more.


This week PKA was practicing, practicing, practicing and practicing!!! Tuesday we jumped right into learning play songs and our lines. We had a good time performing the play on the stage for the first time too. In the afternoon we did lots of preparation for the play and boy, will you be surprised! It’s going to be fantastic!

All week, besides from practicing the play, PKA was busy making beautiful Arctic Animal cards. We will sell them at our play next Thursday. Each card will be $1.00. All proceeds will go to the World Wildlife Fund. On Friday, PKA made more cards with help from Tiki’s mom…thank you Janie for all your help! The cards are so gorgeous!

All the costumes are in! Thank you parents. Also, we send a big thank you in advance for all your willingness to bake for our Bake Sale on Monday, March 16th. Please have each item wrapped in a plastic baggie. (Two cookies, three munchkins or a brownie should be wrapped up. Cupcakes are OK to not have wrapped.) Please have all items arrive by 8:30am.

The play is Thursday, March 12th at 1:30pm in the GYM!!!! Seating will become available at 1:15. If you are making something for the play, please drop it off before the play, on the table outside the room, unless otherwise discussed with the teachers. (The class will be pretty nervous and excited for the play and if they see you before hand, it can cause an unpleasant reaction=TEARS, CRYING and wanting the parent…)

At Devotions we’ve been thinking about manners and the different kinds of manners that we use at school. We’ve talked about the importance of being patient and also to remember that we should say “please” and “thank you”. Reminders about how to act at the lunch table were discussed this week too! All week, we’ve read stories relating to the Arctic. We also started a new chapter book that Noah brought in from his local library called, The White Wolf.

• PLAY-March 12th at 1:30
• BAKE SALE is MONDAY, March 16th
• Please bring in baked items by 8:30am on Monday, March 12th
• Spring break is March 18-30th. School reopens on Tuesday, March 31st.
• Field trip is April 16th…details to follow.

Have a great weekend! We didn’t take to many pictures because we want to surprise you with our play…so come back next week and view some pictures!

Thursday, March 5th

Good morning,

This week, the class is learning about Panda Bears.  We’ve been reading stories and creating panda puppets.  The letter of the week is ‘D.’  Please review at home.  Yesterday, the class visited our buddies in 2B.  Each child put together a four piece paper bear puzzle which should go home today. Today the class had blackberry jam on crackers, which was a big hit!

We are having a teddy bear party on Tuesday, March 17th.  If you can contribute strawberries- sliced and ready to go, Teddy Graham cookies and gummy bears, please let Elizabeth know-  Two families could contribute strawberries and two families could contribute a  box of Teddy Graham cookies.  This party is very low key.  I will provide crackers with a variety of jams.  Each child may bring in his/her favorite bear from home.  If your child doesn’t have a bear, any stuffed animal is fine!

Tomorrow is ‘Food for First  Friday.’  Next week is the letter ‘P.’  Polar bear is the next bear, too.  Tomorrow, I will send a sheet home to remind everyone  of the conference times.  Please be prompt for your time!  Conferences are 25 minutes long. 

Have a safe and happy afternoon,

Sue and Jason



I teach, therefore you learn?

I teach, therefore you learn… or do you? from José Picardo on Vimeo.

This Week…

This Week in PKA

What a busy week. The main theme of this week was the ARCTIC…and learning and preparing for our play.

Monday was filled with fun facts. We wrote in our journals about what you may see in the Arctic. We read stories about Lars, the little polar bear, Arctic adventures and in the afternoon, reviewed the anatomy of a polar bear by decorating polar bear cookies. Each child created their own yummy snack by spreading white icing over the bear. Then each child added black eyes, nose and claws. Some even added a black tongue. Then we feasted on the yummy cookies.

Tuesday was BOOK FAIR! PKA enjoyed the Assembly featuring Kate and Jules Feiffer. We listened to how they create stories and Jules Feiffer illustrated his retelling of Bark George! Then we saw Kate Feiffer’s inspiration for Henry, the Dog without a Tail, pictures of her own dog, Henry. At the end of the Assembly, we were lucky enough to have our picture taken with these two incredible authors (and illustrator, Jules illustrates Kate’s books;). We are waiting to read their next book, due out in April, called Which Puppy? This picture book is based on the Obama’s search for a puppy for the White House! It looks fantastic. Then we went to the Book Fair and selected books from the wonderful selection. A big thanks to Janet Bortnick, who was in charge of the book fair.

Wednesday we continued to work hard in our handwriting journals and practiced the correct way to make that tricky letter “S”. We reminded the class to start with the magic “C”…which helps them from making a reversal. Wednesday we worked on our narrative language skills by reading a story, going over it and making a beginning, middle and end entry. We practiced first by making a class entry with the story, Counting Crocodiles. Then we read Lars, the Little Polar Bear and the Brave Hare. Then each child went back and drew a picture of something from the beginning, middle and the end of the story. After the picture was complete, the child dictated the summary of the book, as much as they remembered. This is a fabulous way to increase our narrative language skills.

Thursday we spent the day exploring the pattern blocks and Arctic manipulatives. It’s so much fun watching the imaginations of these young children and how they create games and pretend they are in the Arctic. We worked on our play lines and finished our costumes…we are going to be the cutest polar bears EVER! At snack on Thursday we wished Noah a very Happy 5th Birthday and we celebrated his big day by eating delicious Sesame Street cupcakes! Thank you NOAH!

Friday we watched a penguin movie with KC. Then the orange group went to math lab and the yellow group worked with pattern blocks. After replicating some patterns, the class worked together and created a fabulous design. Check out the pictures on the blog!

• Starting next week, every afternoon we will be working with KC, practicing the play, creating props etc… The teachers are being interviewed for FCS Directions, spring issue, next week, so please check out the article when you get your next issue!
• Bake Sale is Monday, March 16th. Please, we need each of you to make 1-2 dozen baked goods. If you don’t want to bake, please consider buying munchkins and wrapping them up in a baggie for us to sell. All money will go to the World Wildlife Fund, which supports many Arctic animals.

• PKA will make Arctic cards next Friday afternoon. These cards will be sold at our play on March 12th. Please consider buying these cards, 1 for $2.00 or 3 for $5.00; that’s cheaper than Hallmark! Cards that are not purchased will then be offered to the teachers of FCS for the same price. We want to give you, the PKA families, first chance to buy!
• Please contact Janie if you would like to help out with the play party.
• Let us know if you would like the PKA Memory DVD, which will capture the entire play, have music, sound effects and a picture montage at the end. This is a priceless memory that is a must have. The cost is $40.00 and checks should be made out to dmcMultimedia.
• Conference reminders went out via email and in backpacks. If you have not signed up, please do so soon. Evaluations will continue throughout March.
• The last day of school for PKA before spring break is March 17th. School reopens on Tuesday, March 31st.
• Next field trip is April 16th. Ashley (Ella’s mom) and Bob (Mabret’s dad) are scheduled to join us.
• Parent volunteers are needed for the last trip to the Art Museum on Tuesday, June 2.

Have a great weekend. Many children in the Lower School are getting sick. We are reminding each child to wash their hands frequently. If your child is complaining about a stomach ache or has a fever, please keep him/her home. We don’t want anyone else getting sick…especially at this important play production time…

Oh I forgot…

We’d like to thank Justin and his family for the fabulous letter ‘J’ objects.  The class enjoyed them very much!


Thursday, Feb. 27th

Good afternoon,

This week the letter is ‘J’.   Next week our letter will be ‘D’.  The class has been working very hard on their bear dens.  We aren’t quite done yet; hopefully, tomorrow everyone will be finished with the project.  Today, we began black bears.  We used a yard stick to see how tall a grizzly and black bears can be- when standing on their hind legs.  Also, we are creating a bear den in the classroom.  Strawberry jam was offered at snack.  Most children tried it and loved it!

That’s it for now-

Have a safe and happy afternoon,

Sue and Jason

Memory DVD


Each year, we offer the parents a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy the PKA play. There is no need to bring your video camera. Why…because we have dmcMultimedia record the show. Not only does he record the play, but also adds special effects & music. He also adds a slide show of pictures from this year’s Fall Project, units and field trips. It’s guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes & a memory you and your child will treasure forever! We have children from past years come in and tell us they still watch it!!! This video also makes a great gift for those far away grandparents or other relatives.

The cost is $40.00 for DVD. Please make checks payable to dmcMultimedia. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Name: ________________________

_________ Yes, I want a video and/or DVD.

_________ No thank you.

Adjective Project


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