Parents’ Days Wednesday and Thursday

Hi Parents!  We are all excited about the upcoming parents’ visitation days this week!  In the spirit of crowd control and parking, we have divided the bunks between two days – please contact your head counselor if you foresee any conflicts.  There are schedules available in the hallway outside the main office, or you may print one from the website! Visiting hours are between 9:15 am and 11:45 am.  You may drop in for one activity or stay for a few. Thanks!

Wednesday: Mice, Kittens, Fawns, Cubs, Chipmunks

Thursday: Tadpoles, Puppies, Lambs, Ponies


Tuesday is PICTURE DAY!

Campers will be sent home with order forms today (Monday) for our camp picture day tomorrow!  Please follow directions on the form re: payment and give it to your head counselor in the morning.  Call the main office with any questions.

9am: Mice

9:15: Tadpoles

9:35: Puppies (leave Nature early)

9:50: Fawns

10:15: Ponies

10:45: Lambs

11:15: Kittens

11:45: Chipmunks

12:15: Cubs (No Spanish)