Recent important iPad app updates to Google apps

Google has pushed out recent updates with improved features for many iPad apps. These are important updates that can help your child complete their work, collaborate in the classroom, and provide an improved experience on the iPad!

Updates include:

  • Chrome: stability updates and bug fixes
  • Docs: spell check and performance enhancements
  • Slides: grouping objects together for quicker editing

Please advise your child to go into their App Store app, click up Updates, and Update all apps.

app update

Alternatively, you can set your child’s iPad to automatically download any app update when it is available. To do this, simply go into the iPad settings app, and click on iTunes & App Store. Make sure the slide icon is green next to Updates. This will prompt automatic updates.



Set up Google Drive auto back up in Notability

We love Notability- and we want to make sure your Notes are backed up to your Google Drive so that you never have to worry about losing or misplacing a file.

In a few easy steps, you can complete a 1-time setup so that all Notability notes you create/edit/annotate will automatically back up to your FCS Google Drive account. Check out this short video with an overview on how to do just that!


Should I Buy The New iPad Air 2?

Apple just released it’s newest hardware refresh of the iPad. The new iPad Air 2 is thinner, includes Touch ID, has a better camera, and is faster than the predecessor, the iPad Air. But do you need to buy it?

Probably not.

If you currently have an iPad Air, there is nothing in the iPad Air 2 that will make a difference in the ability to use the iPad in classes at FCS. The iPad Air is still a great tablet. Its fast, has a great screen, and can run any apps that could be used in class.

However, if you have an iPad 2 and you would like to update your tablet, it may be a good upgrade to consider. However, if you would like to save $100, Apple is selling the iPad Air for $399 compared to the iPad Air 2 for $499.

If you are looking to upgrade an iPad Mini, don’t. The iPad Mini 3 has exactly the same specs as the Retina Mini. The only addition the the Mini 3, is Touch ID.