super smash bros

Review: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

This review is intended for readers who are already familiar with the Super Smash Brothers franchise.  In Super Smash Bros Ultimate everyone is here (as they will constantly remind you even though to date Waluigi is not a playable character so 0/10 no Waluigi). Actually the developers changed a lot of the final smashes and my favorite character is Mega Man and his smash art was changed to add Bass and Rockman. New characters were added such as Snake, Pichu, Daisy, and around 15,000,000 new Fire Emblem characters. Ice Climbers were added and the blue Ice climber dies individually. Now all amiibos for Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters work like wedding suit Mario. All of the extremely cool looking combos are still here but they are easier to do and do not require a 6th finger. All in all the new game looks cleaner, more fluid, and more expansive. Like…

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