Planet X Discovery

  Some of you may know about the elusive Planet X or Planet 9. Scientists have been looking for this Planet X for years now, and this discovery may lead to a new path to Planet X. Planet X is a planet that NASA has said may exist, it is 10 times the mass of the earth. While looking for this planet scientists have found many small objects but this one is extreme.   2015 TG387,  a.k.a. The Goblin, is a dwarf planet approximately 186.4 miles across, about 2.5 the distance to the sun of Pluto, which is affected by Planet X. The Goblin was discovered in October 2015, but to confirm its existence it took scientists three years. For Goblin to go around the sun one time it takes about 40,000 Earth years. For Planet X, there are five main things that prove the existence of this massive planet….

How An Eclipse Works

For the first time since 1979, there was a solar eclipse of the sun that covered the entire contiguous US. Every single year there are two eclipses either of the sun or the moon. “But Adele, if there are two eclipses every year then why can’t I see one every single year here in the US?” Well my reader, that is exactly why this article is here. This article will cover why we can’t see an eclipse every year, why eclipses occur, and exactly where and when you can view the next total solar eclipse of the sun. So grab your solar protective sunglasses and moon pies and get ready to hear some info on our favorite star, the sun. Photo taken by Jeff Goldader Why eclipses occur Eclipses occur when the sun and the moon align at a particular time of year when the moon is in the new…

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