Pokémon Let’s Go Review

Pokémon is a wonderful series of games with inventive villains, a wide variety of Pokémon with several generations of them, and epic battles against wild Pokémon. Pokémon Lets Go! has none of that. The villains are Jessie and James, some of the worst characters in the anime. They just want to steal Pikachu for 98% of the episodes with some terrible disguise and giant elaborate machine. The wide expanse of Pokémon has so far been shown to have all generation-1 Pokémon with Alolan forms, megas, and hopefully shinies. And worst of all there is no wild Pokémon battles. None at all. All you do is throw pokéballs at them like in Pokémon Go. The battles against trainers are lackluster and the game has the mass EXP share which makes it way too easy. Your rival has an expressionless face and enormous eyes, but the characters other then him are all…

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