Friends’ Central Sound-Off: Kavanaugh Confirmation

On October 6, 2018, Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court with a very partisan vote. Mr. Brett Michael Kavanagh was born in February of 1965 making him 53 years of age. Before being nominated, Justice Kavanaugh was a United States Circuit Judge. Kavanaugh´s confirmation started in early September and, towards the end, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford stepped forward with assault allegations that happened thirty-six years prior. At Friends’ Central there are very strong feelings. When asking the Rosemont Village Service group for their opinions there were many strong ones. Magistra (Latin teacher) said, ¨it was incredibly distressing to watch the hearing and to see the obvious pain of the women who had been violated and sidelined. When someone comes to me and expresses their pain I do not doubt them. I believe them.¨ Allison Whellan ´23 stated,¨It was really upsetting especially as a girl to watch a…

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