Chromebooks vs. iPads

Today I’m going to be talking about Chromebooks and iPads, Which one is better? Well I asked 35 people  at FCS and here are the results.  Chromebooks: 9         iPads: 26 So as you can see most people prefer iPads. According to the people who answered the question, here are the pros and cons of each device. iPads: Pros: notability, faster, better camera, easier to use (meant for kids), more variety of apps Cons: keyboards, break easier, no chrome extensions, less storage, no USB ports,   Chromebooks: Pros: Battery life,  Keyboard, Chrome extensions, More storage, Comes with stylus, Cons: Slower than iPads, Not as easy to use camera, Unreliable, Worse photo storage   Victoria Schwoebel (Pro Chromebook) Middle And Upper School Tech:  It was an administrative decision, we felt that the Chromebooks suited all the needs of the Middle School. When this came out, it seemed suited for…

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