New Flyers Mascot: Gritty

Last Monday for the first time in over forty years the Philadelphia Flyers revealed a new mascot. His name is “Gritty.” What he is something I can’t answer because I don’t know. In my opinion he looks like Animal (the drummer) from The Muppets. Some people say that it is a bit creepy. I think that it just takes some time to get used to. The first time you look at him you’ll think, “What is this abomination? Is this a joke? How are the kids going to like this?” And I can completely agree with you because that’s what I thought when I saw him for the first time. Since I will be attending the preseason game against the Rangers, hopefully I’ll be able to him in person, and then I can really give my honest opinion. Additionally there is a lot of marketing work that goes into making…

Flyers Playoff Recap

The Flyers made their way into the playoffs on April 7th by beating the New York Rangers 5-0 with the captain Claude Giroux getting a hat trick! The first playoff series for the Flyers was against the two-time defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins. The Philadelphia Flyers are the Penguin’s rival so this was bound to be a very interesting series. We really did not know who would win the series going into it. It could have been a very one-sided series or both teams could be very close.   If the Flyers had won the Stanley Cup Finals it would truly have been the year of Philadelphia Sports. Three games into the series, it was 7-0 Pit, 5-1 Phi, 5-1 Pit. We were expecting these games to be very close because of the insane rivalry, but it was the complete opposite. We also expected very physical games, and we did get…

MLS & Local Hockey Previews

MLS (Major League Soccer) Predictions Myles will be predicting the two biggest matches of the week. Game Prediction 1: Orlando City vs FC Dallas This will be a close game. Orlando City is 3 points behind FC Dallas and has 16 fewer goals than Dallas. Orlando has had a bad start to the season, with only 35 points and in 10th place. FC Dallas, on the other hand, is in 8th place and with 38 points. After a thumping defeat at the hands of Minnesota United, FC Dallas is looking to come back with a win against Orlando. Orlando has a pretty bad record in the MLS so far, as they’ve only won 9 games out of the 30 they’ve played. There will most likely be a red card somewhere in this match. The game will be close, but FC Dallas will eventually be victorious against Orlando, 3 – 1….

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