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Echo Hill 2018

ECHO HILL was an experience some people enjoyed less than others, and some people loved it. There’s a not-so-fine line between Echo Hill and home, and crossing that line is a bold move. But really, let’s venture in depth, on everyone’s opinions on some of the different activities and classes at Echo Hill, and the enjoyment they had to offer. These are opinions from 7th grade students and teachers. SCANOEING MR.CHAGAN – “Mr. Barry’s favorite class is probably the scanoeing…that’s not my favorite.” SPENCER KIM – “Falling into the swamps was not fun, and the bugs: not good.” JAMES PENDRAK – “I did enjoy scanoeing ’cause I’ve always been familiar with canoeing and kayaking and being in a boat and paddling with others and I also thought the fact that there were three canoes combined, I thought that was really cool.” BAY STUDIES THEO SCHENK – “Well, I went on…

Echo Hill Survey

Welcome back 7th grade! They were recently at Echo Hill Outdoor School. There were multiple activities including zip lining, canoeing, survival class, mystery tours and much more. Everyone had a different experience at Echo Hill. I made a survey to see the overall experience.   The seventh grade’ss favorite activities(top three): Adventure 2/ High Ropes Course       58.3% Mystery Tour 13.9% Night Hike 13.9%   The seventh grade’s overall experience: Tons of Fun 62.9% Meh, in the middle 25.7% Awful 11.4%  

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