Best Chicken Wings in America

Do you love chicken wings? Do you want to learn where you can find the best wings in the US? Dip in! Your neighborhood reporter Poyraz will tell you the wing secrets and take you on a journey to the juiciest chicken wing paradises. But be careful, you should not eat wings every day, even every week! Maybe once in a month sounds good. Do you know that Buffalo wings are invented in the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY?   Here are the three best wing restaurants based on   Talde in Brooklyn: Former Top Chef Dale Talde tosses deep-fried wings in a sweet and spicy sauce. Pok Pok in Portland, Oregon: Chef Andy Ricker uses fish sauce and palm sugar for his wings. Mmmmmm, yummmmmmy. Big Bob Gibson Bar in Alabama: Chef Chris Lilly marinates his wings in a spicy apricot sauce for about four hours before tossing…

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