8th grade

8th Grade D. C. Trip

On Sunday, September 30th, the eighth grade left for our annual Washington D.C. trip. This trip included the new African American History & Culture Museum.  The trip had a lot of build-up, especially about the lobbying opportunity to talk to our senators and congressmen about two issues: climate change and gun control. Two issues that are very relevant in today’s politics especially with millennials. But I wanted to know what other 8th graders in FCS thought of DC. Devlin Kolimago in eighth grade said that it was “fun and tiring, we had to walk a lot and the food was good just expensive.” “Lobbying was good and fun but it wasn’t arguing, it was more of agreeing.” Next I asked Dev Gupta, also in eighth grade. He said it was a lot of fun. He had already been to DC before so I asked him what he thought of the…

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