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Welcome Violet Riley Tozer

On October 8, 2013, math teacher and sixth grade advisor Ryan Tozer and his wife, Natalie, celebrated the birth of their first child, Violet Riley Tozer. A few staff writers asked Mr. Tozer to give us insight on his first experiences with his new daughter. Interviewers: What is the most exciting part about being a dad? Mr. Tozer: Having a beautiful daughter to love and take care of has been a great joy.  It is hard to articulate. Being a dad is awesome and I am looking forward to the ride. Interviewers: Did you feel relieved or more stressed when Violet was born? Mr. Tozer: I was relieved that my wife and Violet were okay. The lack of sleep the last several weeks has been a bit stressful but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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“The Book Thief”: Stealing Hearts and Minds

This is the inaugural post in The Turn of the Page, a regular column in which eighth grader Anjali Gupta reviews books for the Middle School community. Markus Zusak astonishes readers with this brilliantly plotted story set in Nazi Germany. The Book Thief is narrated by Death, a sympathetic, overworked being that tirelessly collects souls from bodies. Liesel Meminger, a simple orphan adopted by loving foster parents, is growing up in the dilapidated town of Molching. She is surrounded by signs of struggle, war, and–at times–hope. When her family hides a Jewish fugitive named Max, Liesel forms an unbreakable bond with the damaged young man and she and Max become close friends. After transforming the horrible Mein Kampf into a blank book, Max writes the story of his life in it,  forging a magnificent connection with Liesel in the process. Liesel also becomes friends with her next door neighbor, Rudy Steiner, a…

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Friends’ Central Celebrates Peace Day

In 1981, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously voted to create a day of peace on which there would be a military ceasefire, and the world would be without war for that day. On September 21, 2013, our school community celebrated International Peace Day. Since it fell on a Saturday this year, FCS celebrated it on Friday, carrying the spirit of peace all through the day. In the morning, we held an assembly for the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools.  The combined choruses sang three songs, each representing a vision of peace. In addition to the beautiful singing, we heard a beautiful peace poem written and read aloud by students in Mr. Terrell’s eighth grade Language Arts class.  We also heard Mrs. Crowley speak about the CTC, which was created in the memory of Chris T. Campbell, an FCS lifer.  He loved soccer, and played it both at Friends’ Central…

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How to Draw a Manga Head

Step 1: Lightly draw a circle . If you can’t draw a circle, simply trace around a circular object. Step 2: Draw a spade-like shape along the two sides of the circle. The point of the spade-like shape will be your character’s chin. Don’t make it too pointy.

Echo Hill Mythbusters

We decided to create a spoof comic on Echo Hill! Keep in mind, this information is falsified. (Or is it?) Disclaimer: Echo Hill is an amazing experience, and in no way do we want to ruin the experience for the upcoming sixth graders. So, sixth graders, when you jump in the water on the beach, you should not expect to get eaten by a shark or to see the windfish. With that aside, enjoy the comic!  

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