8th Grade D. C. Trip

On Sunday, September 30th, the eighth grade left for our annual Washington D.C. trip. This trip included the new African American History & Culture Museum.  The trip had a lot of build-up, especially about the lobbying opportunity to talk to our senators and congressmen about two issues: climate change and gun control. Two issues that are very relevant in today’s politics especially with millennials. But I wanted to know what other 8th graders in FCS thought of DC. Devlin Kolimago in eighth grade said that it was “fun and tiring, we had to walk a lot and the food was good just expensive.” “Lobbying was good and fun but it wasn’t arguing, it was more of agreeing.” Next I asked Dev Gupta, also in eighth grade. He said it was a lot of fun. He had already been to DC before so I asked him what he thought of the…

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Adventure Day Report

ADVENTURE DAY Last month 6th and 8th grade participated in Adventure Day. You could have picked one of these three options: biking adventure, the Montco gym or canoeing. Sadly the biking got rained out so the biking adventure went to the gym. There were pros and cons to each adventure but both were fun in their own ways.   GYM The gym was about 45 minutes away on the bus but felt longer. The bus was loud and did not have an air conditioner but it was a chilly day so it did not matter. When the bus arrived we all got out. The gym had three parts: an indoor soccer field a basketball court and a rock wall/ trampoline area. First the group played a round of capture the flag, then reverse tag, and after that we split into three groups. The groups rotate between multiple stations there was…

Echo Hill Survey

Welcome back 7th grade! They were recently at Echo Hill Outdoor School. There were multiple activities including zip lining, canoeing, survival class, mystery tours and much more. Everyone had a different experience at Echo Hill. I made a survey to see the overall experience.   The seventh grade’ss favorite activities(top three): Adventure 2/ High Ropes Course       58.3% Mystery Tour 13.9% Night Hike 13.9%   The seventh grade’s overall experience: Tons of Fun 62.9% Meh, in the middle 25.7% Awful 11.4%  

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