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Who Is Mrs. Petrarca?

Two reporters from The Phoenix Inquirer recently sent a poll to all Middle School students about Mrs Petrarca. The staff is happy to announce that 77 responses were received from students.   In response to the first question, 61% of students responded that Italian is Mrs. Petrarca’s favorite type of food. For the next question, 64% of students said that her favorite part of working at FCS is interacting with the children. In response to the third question, 33% of students said that gold was her favorite color. On the fourth question, a surprising 43% of students answered that Mrs. Petrarca has not been planning on moving. For the next question, 52% of students responded that she has been working at FCS for 16 years. In response to the sixth question, 46% of students thought that Mrs. Petrarca has a cat.

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