Request for Submissions

Hello! The poetry submissions we received for National Poetry Month were magnificent, and so the newspaper has decided to continue accepting submissions. We’re also expanding our borders and accepting short stories as well. The length of the short stories may range from 500 words to 2000 words (small exceptions within 30 words may be made). The directions are the same as the National Poetry Month article. Please write and edit your piece, and email it to msnews@friendscentral.org. You must include the following:   Your name Your grade Genre (short stories) Anonymous or not   If you would like your piece to be completely anonymous, you may drop it in a paper format in Ms. Kenealy’s room. However, we will not reveal your identity if you choose for it to be anonymous in your email. Once we have five submissions, we will publish the collection. Thank you!

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National Poetry Month

The following poems were submitted to The Phoenix Inquirer in honor of National Poetry Month. They are all written by Middle School students. PRISON BREAK By E.F. Books   I plot to prison break from this broken prison It’s essential to elude the corrupted system To release the chains ‘round my wrists is my decision Question How do they captivate me with such precision? Don’t see any shooting stars but I’m wishing That my imprisoned uncle could take me fishing, – I’ve risen Don’t get me wrong; I’m content My family owns our home but if we didn’t we could pay rent. No, we are scavenging for cents. We have clean water, unlike Flint. They ask where my happiness went It never left But Don’t Assume I’m dumb, blind or deaf Don’t Assume I’ve never seen wealth Don’t Assume I’ve experienced an abundance of death or health You don’t know the feelings…

Calling All Poets! It’s National Poetry Month

Established in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets, National Poetry Month takes place every April and has become one of the largest celebration of literature in the world. In recognition of this month, our newspaper is accepting submissions of poetry. They will all be published collectively in an article that will come the first week of May. If you are interested or know someone who may be interested, please consider submitting some of your work. Please note, we will not publish offensive or inappropriate poetry. The poems can be published anonymously, but only at request of the author. In order to submit, email us at msnews@friendscentral.org. Please include your name, grade, poem(s) and whether or not you would like the poem to be anonymous. This is not a contest and anyone can participate, even Upper Schoolers. Submissions will be limited to April 25th in order to release the article on…

Commonly Written: Four Poems

Poems by Audrey Blinman Photography by Blake Riesenfeld COMMONLY WRITTEN Poetry is so commonly written by the victim. The bystander. The bullied. The pained. And yet I wonder how many were written   by the perpetrator? By the bully? By the torturer? By the heartbreaker? The liar? The deranged?   What if every time I see your name create a glow on the screen and still fail to acknowledge it for fear of having to acknowledge it, every time I complain to my allies about your desperation   I’m still not the one feeling the most pain. But what if I know that and still I do nothing?   What does that make me? How do I write then? Am I a villain? Are my words written by a true criminal? By a bully? A torturer? A heartbreaker, a liar?   Do I lie when I say, “Thank you,” When…

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