Top 5 Amateur Photography Mistakes

For someone who enjoys photography, people surprise me with their incompetence. I hope to teach you common mistakes you might be making, so that you can avoid them. Repetition in your photography. This often occurs with the use of presets, edits that you have saved and can be copy and pasted onto another photo. A good rule of thumb is to try to treat every photo like an individual. What works in one photo, won’t work in another. Over editing. Editing photos is about enhancement, not about creating a new photo. Before you adjust the exposure module, think about how it enhances (or doesn’t) your photo. When editing, everything should be intentional. Every time you make a decision to edit your photo, it is either enhancing or hurting your photo. Try to watch our for over-filtered, over-saturated, and over-exposed photographs. Cliché, silly, or uninteresting composition. Like editing, your composition should…

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Simple Photo Manipulation with Apps

If you aren’t already familiar with the term “photoshop” and you are living under a rock, it is basically editing photos to make them look surreal or just flat-out unrealistic. In this tutorial, I would like to show how to do a simple photo manipulation! All you need is an app that can mask out layers and maybe a photo editor to make your photo look better. Picsart is free and works fine, but I like Superimpose because it is more precise. It is up to you if you want the photo to be of yourself or a friend. The steps will be for people who are using a friend. I would also like to add that this requires a puddle… Steps: Ask your friend to stand behind a puddle. Make sure their reflection looks like a human outline. Be sure to keep a portion of their legs in the…

How to Create Colorful Shadows

Shadows are created when light hits an object and reflects onto a surface. Although most shadows are black, but some can be in color. Translucent objects create shadows based on their color. Water is translucent, glass is translucent, and some umbrellas are translucent. If you put food coloring in water and put that in a translucent glass and put in an area where you can get shadows, the water will create a shadow based on the color you put in. You can do this indoors or outdoors depending on what you are trying to do. Instructions: Get a translucent watering pail or glass Fill with water Put food coloring of your choice into the water Mix it in Wait for sunrise or sunset Put watering pail or glass in front of a surface of your choice The shadow should be in color if you are doing this right Just be…

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Field Trips Galore!

If the corridors of Friends’ Central have seemed quiet and empty over the past couple of weeks, don’t worry; nothing bad happened. The seventh and eighth graders were on field trips! While the seventh grade was on their annual trip to Echo Hill Outdoor School, eighth graders explored the wonders of Washington DC. Some of the activities the seventh graders participated in at Echo Hill were boating, swimming, zip-lining, hosting an outdoor “cook-out,” playing classic field games, and going on a night hike. There were other activities, but too many to name. Most of the previous grades that went to Echo Hill have raved about the Outdoor School’s famous home-cooked cornbread. An anonymous seventh grader admitted, “The cornbread was really good.” Beach time before leaving Echo Hill — FCS at Echo Hill (@EchoHillFCS) October 2, 2015 A great week FCS! — FCS at Echo Hill (@EchoHillFCS) October 2,…

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Profile: Kristen Johnson, Class of 2019

During the months of December and January, The Phoenix Inquirer hosted a Middle School-wide photography contest. Students were asked to submit original photos and a short caption explaining their photo (or photos) to the staff of The Phoenix Inquirer. Beginning on January 15, a team of photo editors evaluated all of the entries to choose the first, second, third, and fourth place winners. Then, the editors announced the top four winners in an assembly soon after. In this article, an interviewer talked to the first place photographer, Kristen Johnson, to get all the details on where, when, and how she took her winning photo. Kristen said she took the photo of a Tufted Titmouse through the window of her house, where she could see she the birds in their bird feeders and bird baths. She told us that she “started taking pictures of the birds that came to the bird feeders…

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2014 Photography Contest Results

Congratulations to these four photographers and thank you to all those who submitted. The photography contest committee was thoroughly impressed by all of the photos they received. Stay tuned for a profile of Kristen Johnson in the coming weeks!

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