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Brick-and-Mortar Bankruptcies

Recently we have been seeing a lot of companies and stores who specialize in brick and mortar locations have come to a close. Just recently we have seen this take the profits out of another chain, Sears. Before Sears it was another chain franchise that was making millions back in its prime, “Toys R Us”. This is all due to the rise of online shopping. And it’s not just big brands like “Sears” and “Toys R Us”. Over time I’ve seen a lot of stores in my town close down because it’s just a lot easier for customers to buy their products online from big brands. Because of this rise big brands like “Kmart” have gone completely bankrupt. But why has online shopping caused so many stores to go bankrupt? Well “Supply and Diamond Chain Executive” wrote an article stating reasons such as, 24/7 shopping, World Shipping, Greater Choice and…

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