Stream Study: East Branch Indian Creek

Throughout the past two months the 8th graders have been going to the East Indian Creek and collecting data. For extra credit thay could post their findings in The Phoenix Inquirer. Here were their findings. “Our job at East Indian Creek is to test the water and find ways to improve stream health. We tested for values, for example,  of dissolved oxygen and took weekly measures of the water’s pH levels. We hope to improve stream health and share ways to protect Earth’s clean water.” Dev Gupta (2023)   RESULT TABLE: Provided by – Eva Kusiatin, Faiza Carey, Juliette Schad, and Lindsay McCammon Visit One Visit Two Visit Three HEALTH Air Temp (in c) 16° 4° 16° Water Temp (in c) 13° 4° 12° pH 7 6 7 GREAT Phosphate 1 0 1 GOOD Nitrate 5 5 2 BAD Do N/A 4 (31% Sat) 4 (35% Sat) BAD BOD N/A…

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