How to Square Anything

First, a disclaimer. This method is meant to be a trick to show off to people and make you seem really smart. This will not save you time on a test over multiplying the number by itself, especially with numbers that are three digits or more. You also need to be fairly good at multiplication. (A number and then ^2 is that number squared; 8^2 is 8 squared.) To use this method, you need to know the squares of the numbers 1 through 9, and the square of higher numbers may be helpful as well. (The square of a number is the number multiplied by itself) We’ll start with two-digit numbers. I’ll split all two-digit numbers into several categories. Numbers that end in 0. Square the first digit and stick 00 on the end. Example: 80^2. 8^2=64. 80^2= 6,400. Numbers in between 11 and 29 (inclusive). Knock the units digit off…

The Make-Off

Calvin, Marcus, Kyle, and the judge Dev try to make the best thing possible in 5 minutes using the wonderful resources provided by the makerspace. For those of you who don’t know, the makerspace is a workshop located in the basement of the FCC. Anyone can come during lunch to make whatever they desire. This video will show multiple things you do with the makerspace and provide content that hopefully you will find entertaining. Please enjoy!

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Make Your Own Imperial Star Destroyer

We have been working very hard on making a large imperial star destroyer outside of newspaper in the makerspace. We made it out of cardboard, duct tape, and laser cut circles. It took weeks of recess and lunches to create it, and we hope that you enjoy the time lapse video we have made.

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Quilt for a Cause

Recently, Middle and Upper School Art teacher and seventh grade advisor Ms. Caroline J. Maw-Deis, along with the the assistance of Service-thru-ART, other students, community members, and faculty, crocheted and knit a quilt–for a cause. FCS woodshop and music-media teacher Diego Luzuriaga has not been feeling his best lately. So, if you put the pieces together, you will figure out the quilt was made for Mr. L.

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Life Hack #2: Make a Bigger Condiment Cup

Welcome back! I have another weekly life hack for you, and this one is special because it can be implemented in our very own cafeteria. Get a paper ketchup cup and be prepared to be amazed by this life hack. Warning: this life hack may not work without this type of ketchup container:  Now that you have your container, let’s improve it. These cups are made by folding a round piece of paper in a repeated pattern. We are going to unfold it.  Now that you have your container, let’s improve it. These cups are made by folding a round piece of paper in a repeated pattern. We are going to unfold it. If you completely unfold it it will look like this:  So, obviously we don’t want to completely unfold it. Instead we will notice these small folded triangles and unfold every other one. Like this, look below:  Unfold…

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Making Steam and Bubbles with Dry Ice

Do you remember, seventh graders, that on October 30, 2015, Ms. Sims showed us how to make liquid steam? Or how you were able to make bubbles that you could put on your hands? Well, if any of you were wondering how to do that in your very own homes, look no further. Here is a tutorial on how to make your water bubbles and steam! Things you need: Dry Ice Warm Water Soap (any kind works!) Gloves! An open container of some sort An open container that has a pipe connected to it, like this: Optional: Food Coloring How to Make Steam STEP 1: Fill your container (not with the pipe) with warm water. Add your food coloring if you like. STEP 2: Take out the dry ice. WARNING: Remember to wear gloves when you take out the dry ice! Dry ice is EXTREMELY cold and should not be…

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Life Hack #1: Party-Style Chips

Life Hack #1:  The easy opening of chips or Cheetos for party-style distribution! Step 1: Lay the bag on it’s side and pinch the top (see photo below). Step 2: Bite the piece of plastic that you have pinched until it tears. Step 3: Next, stick the tip of your finger into the chip bag and slowly rip the plastic in a spiral fashion–being careful not to let the spiral end–until it is open to the extent you wish it to be. Next, pull harshly and quickly up to remove the spiral of plastic that you have ripped. Finally, enjoy your delicious snack!

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