Winter Olympic Wrap-Up

The Winter Olympics are almost over as it is almost February 25th! This has been a very good Winter Olympics for the top 5 countries: Norway, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, and the U.S.A. Norway has 33 medals total, Germany has 24 medals total, Canada has 21 medals total, Netherlands has 16 medals total, and the U.S.A. has 16 medals total. Some very talented U.S. olympians are: Red Gerard – Won gold in men’s snowboarding slopestyle. Chloe Kim – Won gold in women’s halfpipe in snowboarding. Shaun White – Won gold Men’s Halfpipe in snowboarding. In the Olympic Sport Curling, a member of the Russian team was caught using illegal substances during a drug test. This sparked up controversy, as the Russian team got 3rd place in mixed Doubles curling. Following up on the Russian doping curler, the Russian team had to give back their bronze medals, which is very disappointing. Norway…

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