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What Plans Do People Have For This Summer?

As the summer approaches I thought it would be nice to see what people have planned. Are they excited? Are they traveling? Are they seeing relatives? So I interviewed a few faculty members and a student, asking them, simply, “what plans do you have?” Here are the results.   Mrs. EB (History Teacher) So this summer I’ll actually be working at a summer camp all summer in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. It’s a Jewish summer camp and I’m one of the camp moms so I check in with people, make sure they’re okay. I check in with the parents, make sure they’re okay without their kids at home and so in general, I take care of people and enjoy the outdoors.   Timia Jones ‘25 I’m going to go to Vegas and spend summer with my aunt and my uncle and my cousins because I don’t really see them often.   Ms….

Spring Sports Follow Up

As most people in the middle school have gotten used to their spring sport, I thought it would be interesting to interview different students in the athletic options to see what they thought of it and to hear about their their overall experiences. I went through the list of all the middle school athletic options, hoping to interview one person from each of them to get a glimpse of what people think.   On a scale of one to ten, how much do you enjoy the sport that you participate in?   Oliver (Tennis): Eight.   Sarah Leonard (Track): Eight.   Nia Brooks (Lacrosse): Seven.   Veronica Barrera (Softball/Baseball): Seven.   Why have you chosen that number? What are the pros and cons?   Oliver (Tennis): I just really like tennis and it’s better than all the other options.   Sarah Leonard (Track): I kind of like to run. I…

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