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CS:GO All-Time Greats

The one question many CS:GO fans ask is, “What is the best CS:GO team in history?” Many people will answer: the current Astralis roster or the old Fnatic roster. In this article we will be comparing what many people call the two best CS:GO teams in history.   Current Astralis Roster: dev1ce (AWPer/Rifler) dupreeh (Rifler/Entry Fragger) Xypn9x (Support/Rifler) gla1ve (IGL) Magisk (Rifler/Lurker)   Former Fnatic Roster: olofmeister (Lurker/Secondary AWPer) KRiMZ (Support) JW (AWPer) flusha (Rifler) Pronax (IGL) These two rosters are considered the best ever in CS:GO history. Of course it is hard to compare two rosters from different times, but we will try our best. We will be judging them on tournament placement and overall skill in the players. We will be counting the amount of tournament wins each roster had. Astralis has won eleven tournaments with its current roster; they have only had nine months to win these tournaments…

Chromebooks vs. iPads

Today I’m going to be talking about Chromebooks and iPads, Which one is better? Well I asked 35 people  at FCS and here are the results.  Chromebooks: 9         iPads: 26 So as you can see most people prefer iPads. According to the people who answered the question, here are the pros and cons of each device. iPads: Pros: notability, faster, better camera, easier to use (meant for kids), more variety of apps Cons: keyboards, break easier, no chrome extensions, less storage, no USB ports,   Chromebooks: Pros: Battery life,  Keyboard, Chrome extensions, More storage, Comes with stylus, Cons: Slower than iPads, Not as easy to use camera, Unreliable, Worse photo storage   Victoria Schwoebel (Pro Chromebook) Middle And Upper School Tech:  It was an administrative decision, we felt that the Chromebooks suited all the needs of the Middle School. When this came out, it seemed suited for…

Planet X Discovery

  Some of you may know about the elusive Planet X or Planet 9. Scientists have been looking for this Planet X for years now, and this discovery may lead to a new path to Planet X. Planet X is a planet that NASA has said may exist, it is 10 times the mass of the earth. While looking for this planet scientists have found many small objects but this one is extreme.   2015 TG387,  a.k.a. The Goblin, is a dwarf planet approximately 186.4 miles across, about 2.5 the distance to the sun of Pluto, which is affected by Planet X. The Goblin was discovered in October 2015, but to confirm its existence it took scientists three years. For Goblin to go around the sun one time it takes about 40,000 Earth years. For Planet X, there are five main things that prove the existence of this massive planet….

Flyers Playoff Recap

The Flyers made their way into the playoffs on April 7th by beating the New York Rangers 5-0 with the captain Claude Giroux getting a hat trick! The first playoff series for the Flyers was against the two-time defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins. The Philadelphia Flyers are the Penguin’s rival so this was bound to be a very interesting series. We really did not know who would win the series going into it. It could have been a very one-sided series or both teams could be very close.   If the Flyers had won the Stanley Cup Finals it would truly have been the year of Philadelphia Sports. Three games into the series, it was 7-0 Pit, 5-1 Phi, 5-1 Pit. We were expecting these games to be very close because of the insane rivalry, but it was the complete opposite. We also expected very physical games, and we did get…

The Sixth Grade Derivative Project

For the last couple weeks, the sixth grade has been working on the biggest project of the sixth grade year. We had been given a word in Latin ( example Sonus – Sound) to study, and find words that derive from it, in different languages. For 3 days we worked on finding the derivatives of the Latin word we were given. After that, we started to map out the project idea for the biggest part of the project. A few days after that, we had to share our ideas with our classmates and they had to give feedback. Than the building process began, we got our materials and started building. We had 11 school days to build our projects, one of the days was a full day of only working on our derivative project. The presentation was in Room 10, we set up tables along the perimeter of Room 10….

Soccer: Champions League & Europa League

  EUROPA LEAGUE ________________________________________________       The Europa League is a competition for teams that get 5th place in their country’s league. The team that gets 6th place in their country’s league goes into a playoff with a different team. There are 12 groups of 4 in the Europa League.      The top 2 teams of each group make it into the round of 16. In the round of 16 teams face off and the teams that win their games make it to the quarter finals. After that if they win they make it to the semi finals, than the finals where one team will be crowned champion, and earn a spot in the champions league, in the next season. Previous Winners (Last 11 years): Manchester United (2017), Sevilla FC (2016,2015, 2014, 2007, 2006) Chelsea FC 2013, Atletico Madrid (2012, 2010), FC Porto (2011), Shakhtar Donetsk (2009), Zenit St. Petersburg (2008). CHAMPIONS LEAGUE ________________________________________________…

English Premier League

The English Premier League (EPL) is a fierce competition based all over England and in some parts of Wales. There are 20 teams in the EPL ( 3 more teams could be joining the EPL if Catalonia wins Independence and leaves Spain) with all of them holding a crucial place in the Premier League. Manchester City have been on fire this season to the point when losing 4-0 to Manchester City is a good thing. At the other end of the table is Crystal Palace; they recently broke the record of not scoring in 6 games, having a total of 7 games lost. Crystal Palace hosted the reigning champions Chelsea at Selhurst Park. They picked up their first win and their first three points of the season against Chelsea one of the best teams in the EPL.   The EPL has been a place only for teams in the UK…

USA Men’s National Team Out Of 2018 World Cup

    This is the first time USA didn’t make the the World Cup since 1986. After the loss to Trinidad & Tobago, they came in 5th place behind Honduras in 4th, with Mexico in 1st place, Costa Rica in 2nd, and Panama in 3rd. USA finished with 12 points (1 point behind Honduras), with a +4 goal difference. Trinidad & Tobago beating the USA was a huge upset, because Trinidad & Tobago do not have a huge soccer reputation, as the only trophy that they have won is the Caribbean Cup, and that was only once.      The reason the USA getting knocked out of the World Cup is such a big deal is, that the USA have a big reputation for making it to the round of 16 in a lot of competitions. The USA usually make it to the Round Of 16 Than get knocked out. In the…

MLS & Local Hockey Previews

MLS (Major League Soccer) Predictions Myles will be predicting the two biggest matches of the week. Game Prediction 1: Orlando City vs FC Dallas This will be a close game. Orlando City is 3 points behind FC Dallas and has 16 fewer goals than Dallas. Orlando has had a bad start to the season, with only 35 points and in 10th place. FC Dallas, on the other hand, is in 8th place and with 38 points. After a thumping defeat at the hands of Minnesota United, FC Dallas is looking to come back with a win against Orlando. Orlando has a pretty bad record in the MLS so far, as they’ve only won 9 games out of the 30 they’ve played. There will most likely be a red card somewhere in this match. The game will be close, but FC Dallas will eventually be victorious against Orlando, 3 – 1….

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