What Plans Do People Have For This Summer?

As the summer approaches I thought it would be nice to see what people have planned. Are they excited? Are they traveling? Are they seeing relatives? So I interviewed a few faculty members and a student, asking them, simply, “what plans do you have?” Here are the results.


Mrs. EB (History Teacher)

So this summer I’ll actually be working at a summer camp all summer in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. It’s a Jewish summer camp and I’m one of the camp moms so I check in with people, make sure they’re okay. I check in with the parents, make sure they’re okay without their kids at home and so in general, I take care of people and enjoy the outdoors.


Timia Jones ‘25

I’m going to go to Vegas and spend summer with my aunt and my uncle and my cousins because I don’t really see them often.


Ms. Mutchnick (Science Teacher)

Not much but I am going to take a road trip up to Maine.


Coach B (English Teacher)

Well, I am going to go Cape Cod with my wife and then going to a wedding in North Carolina–that’s where I’m from–and read a lot of books!


As you can see, some people have more detailed plans than others and some are traveling farther than others, but nevertheless, it seems that everyone is pretty excited for a break and I don’t blame them. I hope you have a wonderful summer and can get through this school year happily. We’re almost there!


Thanks for reading!


by Violet Babb ’24

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