NASA Announcement: We’re Going Again, But It’s Different This Time

On May 15, 2019, NASA released a YouTube video. The video directly stated that the human race was going to the moon by 2024 if not before. There were many challenges they stated such as radiation and engineers capabilities that could be overcome. Then they introduced the S.L.S. (Space Launch System), a system consisting of a rocket so powerful it could bring heavy payloads off Earth, so more technology, supplies, spacecrafts, and rations could be brought into Earth’s orbit and to the moon. A new capsule, the ORION was also mentioned. Then the biggest surprise was revealed, GATEWAY, a lunar outpost in the sliver of space in between Earth’s and the Moon’s gravity. This is where ships will dock and transition to make it easier to land on the Moon. From where it sits, GATEWAY will be able to launch missions to Mars.

50 years later, we are returning to the moon in a completely different manner. On the moon frozen water was discovered by lunar orbiters, and this water can be purified for drinking water, can be separated into hydrogen and oxygen for rocket fuel and for breathable air. All these plans have been pushed forward by the White House and mostly Mike Pence, the Vice President.

“We’rere going back to the moon 50 years later in a completely different manner,” the video stated, and 50 years later we are one step closer to going to Mars.


by Luca Sella ’24

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