Mercedes and the Future of Self-Driving Cars

Uber is buying over 10,000 self driving Uber cars from Mercedes. This would help prevent car accidents made by humans because the robots are more accurate. “In fact, we turned out to be great partners,” Uber founder Travis Kalanick told The Verge. “By opening up the Uber platform to Daimler, we can get to the future faster than going it alone. It’s a future in which our cities and roads will be safer, cleaner and more accessible, and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s next.”   The car has a luxury interior with the following: a wooden floor, a TV screen, lots of LED lights, and comfy seating. The car has a sensor that detects anything in front of it that is within a certain distance of the car. The car is great for people who do not trust humans driving. Personally, I think the car is amazing.

Here is what FCS community member have to say about the car:

Konrad Smith ‘23: It is cool, it has new technology and it is a fancy car. I am little worried about the self-driving part, but I hope they check on that before releasing the car to the public.

Oliver Angert ‘24: I would like a Mercedes self-driving car. It is so cool.

Zach Dunne ‘25 : It is a fancy car and you do not need humans to drive it which is perfect for me. The TV and everything is pretty cool to me, but Uber is not a real profitable company, what happens if they run out of money for these fancy accessories?


by Poyraz Ozer ’25

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