It’s a little known fact that the tech department here at FCS recently bought Virtual Reality systems for the school. They have 10 Lenovo Daydreams, around 15 Google Cardboards and one Vive headset. The Google Cardboard can connect to your smartphone. The Daydreams are a smaller system that has all of the tech inside. The Vive, on the other hand, connects to a computer and has a much wider variety of things to do.


It all started when I (Noah) lost my chromebook the other day, so I decided to do the only thing I could; Go to tech. The door was locked and the lights were off, and there was nobody there. I was about to leave when I glimpsed a familiar shape in the window; a Vive headset! Wanting to know more, I grabbed my friend Theo and set off to find somebody to interview. After about 20 minutes of searching, we found a high schooler named Sean McGoff.


Theo: So, how much do the Daydreams cost?

Sean: Around 300 to 350 dollars, but the school gets a discount.

Noah: So can you explain the Vive’s applicability to me, such as when will it be available to use, who can use it…

Sean: I’ve been fortunate enough to use it for my service. As for public use, I am not sure, so you’d have to ask Mr. McDonnell.

Noah: Okay, thanks for the interview.


We also interviewed Mr. McDonnell, from the tech department.


N: What do you know about the headsets at tech?

McD: We have three different types, 15 google cardboards, 10 Lenovo daydreams, and one vive

T: What will the headsets be used for?

McD: With the Daydream, teachers could lead tours of places they’ve never been to, you can go to the great wall of China, barrier reef, we could also use it for 360 videos, get a sense of place.

That’s what we’ve been trying to do here. The Vive would be for individual learning or project use.

T: Can you tell us a little about the google cardboards?

D: Cardboards are the easiest and most low tech. For only $5 for the actual device, you cam get the app and you have your own little VR headset.

N: So do you know if the headsets will ever become available to the MS?

D: They’re available now to the middle school, any teacher who wants to take their class down there can.

N: Sweet! Thanks for your time.


We got to try out the Vive, and it was so cool. I got to fly around a city with a bird’s eye view and went to Antarctica and saw penguins. I’ve heard about Vives before but you really don’t get the full picture until you actually use one. If you manage to catch Mr. McDonnell when he is down at tech and ask permission, someone will help you set it up and get you started. Also, if you convince your teacher you could use the Daydreams and go to any place of their choosing. We also saw the educational aspect, when some high schoolers showed us around their model of the island from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. I would strongly recommend the Vive to anyone who gets a chance and I give them a 9/10 overall.


By Noah Porter ‘24

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