What is 8th Grade Showcase?

At the end of your middle school career, every student is required to do 8th grade showcase, so… what is it?  This is the question I along with a majority of students have asked in the past and I will answer it for you.

Showcase is supposed to be a presentation for students to “showcase” skills that  not only things that others may not know about you, but also describe you as a person. Usual things that students like to showcase are: singing, dancing, sports, cooking, making movies, and other talents and interests.

Showcase should be thought about and worked on for a long time. Every student is given five months to work on it, although it is not a bad idea to start before; it can be a stressful process.  


Here are a few ideas that some 8th Graders are doing this year:


  • Kyle Brady and Solomon Murphy: A rap video about gun violence (Solomon will be rapping and Kyle will be shooting and editing the video)


  • Devlin Kolimongo and Christian Whitfield: An informational basketball video


  • Jace Anderson: A song with his brother


  • Konrad Smith: Making four video games


  • William: Hockey skill showcase video


  • Dev Gupta: TED Talk about how music is a universal language


  • Michael Chou: Playing violin


  • Kyle Liu: Magic tricks


For your information, if you would like to see these presentations plus many more, you can come to Shallcross in the evening on May 31, (2019).


It is never too early to start thinking about what you want to do, but to be short, just do what makes you, you.


by Kyle Brady ’23

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