NFL Off-Season Update: Trades & Signings

Since the end of the NFL 18-19 season, there have been many trades, signings, and rumors. The Jets signed RB Le’veon Bell to a four-year $52.5M deal. Rumors on this deal can be traced back to mid-September, during the 18-19 season. He missed the entire 18-19 season due to an injury. Hours before the it had been released to the public, he tweeted, “I’m back in the green baby, let’s get it.”

Odell Beckham Jr. was traded to the Cleveland Browns. In return, the New York Giants received a first round pick in 2019 (No. 17 overall right guard Kevin Zeitler) and the Browns’ second third-round pick (No. 95 overall safety Jabrill Peppers. In addition, one of Odell’s closest childhood friends, Jarvis Landry was also traded to the Browns, which helped influence Odell to make his final decision.

Running back Kareem Hunt was suspended by the NFL and then cut by the Kansas City Chiefs after surveillance footage showed him pushing and kicking a woman. He is able to return to the NFL for the 19-20 season, but will not be able to return to his former team. Instead, the Browns have decided to sign Kareem Hunt for a $1.1 million deal. The Browns are planning big for Cleveland football, and the fans are hyped for all of the great players the Browns will be receiving in the future.

Former Philadelphia Eagles player, Nick Foles, was signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars. It was a four year $88 million deal. This was a very unexpected deal and will add a very skilled QB to the Jaguars.


Friends’ Central community members gave their opinions about these off-season moves.

Are you happy or upset about any NFL trades or signings?

Solomon (8th grader): I am happy about a couple of players that the Eagles received because this will improve the Eagles in the 19-20 season.

Ms. EB (history teacher): The Washington RedSkins desperately needed a QB, but luckily we received QB Case Keenum. I am excited for his performance in the 19-20 season.


How do you feel about Nick Foles leaving the Eagles to head to the Jaguars?

Solomon (8th grader): We didn’t need Nick Foles. He only showed skill in the playoffs, and Carson Wentz is young and has potential. In addition, Wentz has more chemistry with the Eagles, and will work and communicate better with his teammates than Foles.

Daniel (7th grader): I am upset that Nick Foles is leaving the Eagles because he led us to be the Super Bowl Champions.



by Marcus DeSipio ’24

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