Presidential Candidate Preview

The 2020 election is is speeding towards us, so fast that some of us cannot keep up. Here is what you need to know about some of the candidates in the presidential election coming up in 2020 and three issues they care about.


Donald Trump (R)

One, Apply resources to stop the inflow of opioids into America. (Oct 2016)

Two, Black lives matter, but we need strong police presence. (Aug 2015)

Three, Planned Parenthood is important, but abortions must stop. (Aug 2015)


Bernie Sanders (D)

One, Protect the reproductive rights of women. (Jan 1993)

Two, Government should not be part of the death penalty. (Feb 2016)

Three, Create criminal records for corrupt white collar criminals. (Feb 2016)


Cory Booker (D)

One, Ban anti-abortion limitations on abortion services. (Nov 2013)

Two, Let states recognize same sex marriage. (Jan 2015)

Three, Arranged $100M school grant from Facebook founder Zuckerberg. (Jun 2012)


John Delaney (D)

One, Supports restrictions on gun purchases. (Sep 2012)

Two, Raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour by 2016.

Three, Investing $1 billion in transportation projects.

(Mar 2013)


Tulsi Gabbard (D)

One, Ban anti-abortion limitations on abortion services. (Feb 2014)

Two, Supports regulating greenhouse gas emissions. (Sep 2012)

Three, $500M and 3,000 troops to Africa to fight Ebola. (Jul 2014)


Kirsten Gillibrand (D)

One, Supports gay marriage. (Jan 2009)

 Two, Teach teens about both abstinence & contraception. (Mar  2009)

Three, Voted NO on allowing firearms in checked baggage on Amtrak trains.

(Apr 2009)

Information from Ballotpedia.


by Luca Sella ’24

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