The Cafeteria’s Croissant Crisis

English muffins and breakfast sandwiches- the two don’t mix right, but when one of the only breakfast options at Friends Central is to get an English muffin breakfast sandwich, a lot of people are forced into getting this crumbly mess.  But there’s a catch! Seemingly randomly, one walks into the cafeteria, and in place of the bad muffins are perfectly baked croissants with the normal egg, cheese, bacon or sausage in between them.

We have decided to investigate this strange phenomenon and get to the bottom of why the school can’t just have croissant breakfast sandwiches every day, instead of these horrible English muffins.


We started our investigation by asking a cafeteria staffer about a possible croissant schedule. From this questioning, we were able to get a complete breakfast sandwich bread weekly schedule. The results on the schedule shocked us.


Monday- Biscuit

Tuesday- English Muffin

Wednesday- Biscuit

Thursday- Croissant

Friday- Biscuit


As you can see, biscuits take up a large amount of the schedule, leading us to believe that the “English muffin” we were talking about was indeed a biscuit after all. Even if you were able to distinguish the two once unwrapped, there is no public ingredient list or anything stating what type of sandwich is being served, other than the “B”, “P”, or “S”  on the wax paper. While this lets you know the protein inside, bacon, sausage or plain egg, it does not help distinguish the bread type.


To further our research, we decided to get the public’s opinion on the breakfast sandwiches, and which type they prefer. So we asked a few members of the recycling, art, and newspaper services.


Biscuit English Muffin Croissant
2 0 10


Clearly, after interviewing our peers at FCS, English muffins and biscuits don’t have many fans among the interviewees.  This is a problem, both for us as customers and the cafeteria as a business. It is also important to note that as of writing the previous paragraphs, a Thursday has passed by where we did not receive croissant breakfast sandwiches; in fact, we did not receive breakfast sandwiches at all! When we walked into the cafeteria, observing the place where the sandwiches are usually placed, we were greeted with an empty counter.


I feel I speak for the majority of the people we interviewed when I say that croissants definitely need to be served more- and more consistently.


Theo Dankoff and Leo Kaufman, Class of 24′

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