Premier League Title Race Heats Up

The Premier League title race is up and running, with Liverpool (as of March 6th) only one point behind Manchester City, with ten games left in the season. With the season coming to a close soon, we will be making our predictions for the end of the season and who will win the league.

First of all, Liverpool looks like the most likely to win the league. Their goal difference is lower which means they are scoring fewer goals and letting in more goals than Manchester City. Manchester City has been thrashing teams like Chelsea 6-0. When they win games like this, it helps with their goal difference a lot, making them more likely to win the league. Liverpool hasn’t been scoring as much as Man City but they haven’t been conceding many goals.

Now we will show our predictions for the top 5 of the league and also the bottom 3.


Lyle’s Predictions

Top 5, 1-5, Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, Man United

Bottom 3, 20-18, Huddersfield, Fulham, Cardiff


Myles’ Predictions

Top 5, 1-5, Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal Tottenham, Man United

Bottom 3, 20-18, Huddersfield, Fulham, Cardif

Now let’s take a look at the table as of March 6th:

  1. Manchester City – 71 Points
  2. Liverpool – 70 Points
  3. Tottenham – 61 Points
  4. Manchester United – 58 Points
  5. Arsenal – 57 Points
  6. Chelsea – 56 Points
  7. Wolves – 43 Points
  8. Watford – 43 Points
  9. West Ham – 39 Points
  10. Everton – 37 Points
  11. Leicester – 35 Points
  12. Bournemouth – 34 Points
  13. Crystal Palace – 33 Points
  14. Newcastle – 31 Points
  15. Brighton – 30 Points
  16. Burnley – 30 Points
  17. Southampton – 27 Points
  18. Cardiff – 25 Points
  19. Fulham – 17 Points
  20. Huddersfield – 14 Points

As you can see, the Premier League is very close and it is far from over. With the top six being so close together, it is hard to know for sure what the final table will look like.


by Myles Roche ’24 & Lyle Goldader ’24

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