NFL Controversy and Superbowl

On January 20th, 2019, the New Orleans Saints were playing the Los Angeles Rams when an extremely controversial play was made. It was the fourth quarter and the game was tied 20-20, with less than two minutes left. The Saints had the ball, the play started, and a pass was made from the quarterback to the receiver. He was about to catch the ball and get the first down when a Rams player came into the play and knocked him down. The play was clearly Pass Interference, as he obviously shoved him over, but the refs did not call it. If the Saints had made this catch or at least gotten the foul called they would have most definitely won the game. The Saints went on to get a field goal, but then the Rams got a field goal tying it and going into overtime. In overtime, the Rams won the game with a field goal, sending them to the Super Bowl.


Since this game, a petition has been signed by over 500,000 people requesting a replay of the 4th quarter on Sunday, January 27th. People have started calling the Refs “Bribed, Biased” and other names like that. This game has also been called the worst officiated game in NFL history. A lawsuit was filed by Saints Fans against the NFL to have the ending of the 4th quarter replayed.  In the NFL rules, it says “The commissioner has the power to reverse a call so extraordinarily unfair that it affects the result of the game, and may have a replay of the part of the game that was unfair.” This rule is the basis of the lawsuit that was filed.


Despite the drama, the Super Bowl was held at the Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. The New England Patriots were against the Los Angeles Rams. The match began at 6:30 pm, February 3, 2019. The match was at first neck to neck. Both the teams scored no points in the first period, despite all the effort trying to get some points, as the Patriots did a field missed field goal,  Mr Beast and his friends did a T-shirt sign spelling Sub 2 Pewdiepie. In the second quarter the Patriots got 3 points by doing a field goal. Three artists played during half-time: Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi. During the third period, the Rams scored a field goal. In the fourth period the Patriots brought out their beast, scoring a field goal and a 2 yard touchdown touchdown by rushing it through the Rams defensive team. The Patriots won the Superbowl.  

Poyraz Ozer ’25

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