Behind the Scenes of the MS Play: Hoodie

As the middle school’s spring play approaches, I realized not much had been released about it and that not many people were discussing how our middle school’s plays are designed and put into action. So I decided to interview the head of the drama department, Ms. Gordon and a Play Production service member, in the hope of learning more about it. I started by talking with Ms. Gordon.


Who decides on which play to create?

I choose it. But I try to get input from students also.


What other adults help coordinate the show?

I’m the director, so I spearhead the work and CJ Keller, our technical director, helps with the technical elements.


Can you give us a quick summary of what Hoodie is about?

Hoodie is a conceptual play about adolescence and middle school. It’s about growing up. It’s about fitting in. It’s about appearance. It’s about being a middle schooler and all that it entails in terms of the stressors and situations that may be difficult but also joys as well.


After I talked with Ms. Gordon, I wanted to interview at least one of the Play Production service members. Seventh grader, Tristan McLean volunteered to be interviewed.


So, for people that don’t know, what does Play Production do?

A lot of what we do is, we make sets, we often make props and we’re usually the ones who clean up the place, and scrap the sets.


What do you think is the best thing about being in service?

I think it’s pretty fun to do the woodworking and checking out the sets, especially Hoodie. The Hoodie set is really interesting.


Do you think there’s anything about what you do during service that could be improved?

I think it would be better to have more vacuum cleaners, maybe, ‘cause that would help the cleaning up part. And also, sometimes it would be better if the power tools were prepped before service.


Now that you have an overview of what Hoodie is and a bit about how it is created, then feel free to come and see the show! It’s on Friday, March 15th at 7:00 and Sunday, March 17th at 2:00.


Thanks for reading!


by Violet Babb ’24

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