Spider-Man for PS4


At Sony’s E3 Conference in 2017, they released the first gameplay for their new game Spider-Man. Spider-Man was then released for gold members on July 30th, 2018 and released for all users on September 7th, 2018. When this game was released, people were giving it amazing reviews; some people even went on to say, “It is a perfect game.” On the website Metacritic, Spider-Man was given an 8.7/10, IGN gave it an 8.7/10, Google Users gave the game a 9.5/10, and GameSpot gave it a 9/10.


Gameplay: First of all, the gameplay in this game is excellent. The best part (in my opinion) is the web-slinging. It is very realistic and has a great noise. Another part is the fighting animation. Spidey is kind of like a glass cannon: he does a lot of damage but is very weak. It’s like he dies in two hits. He also has a feature that you can get a lot of different Spider-Man suits. You can get the “iron spider” suit from the movies and lots more. Each suit has a “suit power” that helps in combat. One of them is one where Spidey jumps up in and shoots a lot of webs at the enemy and it sticks them to walls and the floor. On the other side of things, there are these levels where you play as Miles Morales and Mary Jane where you walk around and hide from guards and villains. The boss fights are also pretty slow and are basically the same thing. You web them up and then you attack. It’s just that on repeat. We would have to give the gameplay a 9/10.   


Graphics: The graphics in Spider-Man are extremely nice. The lighting is very nice in this game. Unlike most other games, Spider-Man’s lighting actually reflects off of windows on buildings. For an animated the game the graphics look pretty realistic. The character models in this game are very well made; facial features look very nice. The structure designs, such as buildings, are pretty nice.  Overall, we would give the graphics a 9.3/10.


Story: The Spider-Man PS4 story is fairly simple. Spidey has to fight this organization called “The Daemons” owned by Martin Lee or Mister Negative who are trying to get a hold of this disease called “dragon’s breath” that would wipe out most the people in the city. The sinister 6 has the cure because Mister Negative is working for them. Aunt May is affected by the disease and this motivates Spider-Man to get the cure. The character development in this game is very well done. The final boss battle is against Doc Ock. Doc Ock’s motivations are there because he wants to cure the entire city and say he made the cure and everyone would think that he is a successful scientist. That was the main goal of the villains. Spidey has to defeat these villains to stop a mass breakout of the disease. Out of 10, we would give the story a 9.6.


by Myles Roche ’24 and Lyle Goldader ’24

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