Daredevil Season 3 Review


Daredevil is one of the best showS ever to be created. The season has a 93% Rotten Tomatoes score, which is well deserved. This show is part of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), which means it is in the same universe as Spider-Man, Iron Man and basically everyone you see in the Marvel movies. Ok, now that the facts are out of the way, time to get on to the review.

So, I just finished Daredevil season 3 and it was a really good show. The entire season is based around the storyline of “Born Again” written by Frank Miller. The writers for the show did change the story from the comic a little bit but it worked out pretty well. Pretty much the biggest part that they changed about it is that they told Karen Page’s backstory like it was at the end of her story. I highly recommend reading the story. It will make more sense if you read it.

The series has this sense of revival where Matt has hit rock bottom. Everyone thinks that he’s dead so Wilson Fisk has his time to strike. Matt Murdock feels like that in order to save the city of “Hell’s Kitchen,” he must leave the side of Matt Murdock behind him.

The show took one of the characters from the comics called Bullseye, played by Wilson Bethel. They never say the name Bullseye but they do hint at it. His power is that he can throw anything and has pinpoint accuracy. Benjamin Poindexter (a.k.a Bullseye) is an FBI agent who is a very good one. He saved Fisk from getting captured and killed by the Armenians. Another very important character Ray Nadeem who is also an FBI agent who is close friends to Benjamin until fisk takes control of him. Daredevil has a mission to stop Fisk from destroying the city.

In the end, Daredevil takes Fisk and Bullseye two-on-one and he wins and sends Fisk to jail. This show was very good and I highly recommend watching it.   



by Myles Roche ’24

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