FCS Waffles! Which is better?

The FCS waffle machine is a new edition to the cafeteria and everyone’s wondering which flavor of waffle to choose. Now, you may be confused, thinking, “Flavored waffles? What’s this?” Well, before you put your waffle mixture into the machine, you’re given a choice of flavor. Today we are going to see which one is considered better in students’ opinions, as well as our personal opinions on the two.


First off, here are some opinions by students who have used the waffle machine recently:

Theo Schenck ‘24– “The normal waffle because that is what I ate yesterday. It’s easier to put toppings on (as well).”

Theo Dankoff ‘24– “Normal, because it tastes better and has a better consistency.”

Myles Roche ‘24 – “Normal. Strawberry is a really bad flavor to have in a waffle. It doesn’t go great to go with a waffle.”

Lyle Goldader ‘24 – “When it comes to flavors of waffles, you never want a plain waffle. You always want something on it… Syrup on waffles is boring, that’s why you gotta have strawberry. I really recommend the strawberry. (Flavor.)”

Poyraz Ozer ‘25 – “I guess strawberry.  I like flavor on it…”

Luca Sella ‘24 – “Strawberry because it tastes better… because it’s red and it’s sweeter…”

Noah Thomas ‘22 – “Regular, because it’s regular, ’cause you can only have so much flavor.”

Dallas Wolfson ‘24 – “Strawberry waffle, ’cause it tastes better. I like strawberries…”

Spencer Kim ‘24 – “Regular. The strawberry flavor, it makes the texture strange, the flavor is a little bitter, and it works bad with the waffle.”

Marcus DeSipio ‘24 – “Normal waffle.”


The flavors have changed since we conducted these interviews.

We will now state our own opinions on the three flavors of waffles.

Leo Kaufman ‘24 – “I would prefer the pumpkin spice waffle over the other waffles ’cause in my opinion flavor is the most important part in a waffle, and when you get plain it doesn’t taste like much. Strawberry doesn’t really taste like much either, and pumpkin spice really opposes that by giving off a brilliant taste.”

Isaac Dubb ‘24 – “Strawberry is the best, clearly. Strawberry brings in an articulate and robust flavor to the waffle industry.”

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