CS:GO All-Time Greats

The one question many CS:GO fans ask is, “What is the best CS:GO team in history?” Many people will answer: the current Astralis roster or the old Fnatic roster. In this article we will be comparing what many people call the two best CS:GO teams in history.


Current Astralis Roster:

dev1ce (AWPer/Rifler)

dupreeh (Rifler/Entry Fragger)

Xypn9x (Support/Rifler)

gla1ve (IGL)

Magisk (Rifler/Lurker)


Former Fnatic Roster:

olofmeister (Lurker/Secondary AWPer)

KRiMZ (Support)

JW (AWPer)

flusha (Rifler)

Pronax (IGL)

These two rosters are considered the best ever in CS:GO history. Of course it is hard to compare two rosters from different times, but we will try our best. We will be judging them on tournament placement and overall skill in the players. We will be counting the amount of tournament wins each roster had.

Astralis has won eleven tournaments with its current roster; they have only had nine months to win these tournaments though.

Fnatic won 32 tournaments in a span of nineteen months that its roster was around.


We also interviewed FCS community members to get their opinion on this debate:

Which team was/is better: Fnatic 2014 to 2015 or Astralis 2018?

Myles Roche ‘24: Astralis 2018 because they have so much better saving and recoil control.

James Pendrak ‘24: Um, I’m gonna have to go…. I’m gonna have to go with Fnatic 2014-2015. They had such dominance from 2014-2015. Fnatic won 3 majors and Astralis only won one. Fnatic has still won three majors. It does not count the irrelevant lans they went to and won. After everything I said, I really do love Astralis; they are one of my favorite teams, but Fnatic really is more dominant.

Leo Kaufman ‘24: Oh um personally my personal preference is Fnatic because Fnatic…really they mostly play on sub-zero. As of now I really like the map sub-zero.


by Lyle Goldader ’24 and Isaac Dubb ’24

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Lyle Goldader

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