Announcing…Explosive Chickens!

Announcing the development of a new game by a fellow student! Explosive Chickens! The development of this game is taking place in the Makerspace by me, Konrad Smith. I plan to make this game purely in unreal engine, and I hope to release this game publicly once it is finished. Explosive Chickens is so early in development that there isn’t even an alpha, there isn’t even a player model, don’t expect to play this game any time soon.


What is Explosive Chickens?

Explosive Chickens is going to be a multiplayer game. 20 people dropped into a small arena with intense music playing, fighting to be the last one standing using only stupid and inefficient weapons of mass destruction. Every weapon is some silly form of explosive, from explosive chickens to disco mines, and even taser teddy bears. The game is purposely confined into a small area to make sure that there is someone around every corner, mines everywhere, and explosions all around. When coupled with intense music, this game is going to be the funniest and the most adrenaline pumping game of all time, that is the plan at least.


What has been planned?

Explosive Chickens is very early in development, but some concepts have been fleshed out. This game is going to allow for maximum mobility, meaning an extensive map and more interesting gameplay. This would include jetpacks, double jump, wall jumping, and dashing in all directions. This will allow for floating platforms, secret rooms, and tunnels leading through the whole arena. It will be a small map, but every space will be utilized. The main concept of the entire game is to have an action-packed, cartoony arena game with nothing but explosives and destruction. Very few weapons have been planned, but so far we have:


  • The Cage Mine

When someone steps on this mine, a cage pops up out of the ground, trapping the player for about 1-2 seconds.


  • The Lightning Grenade

When deployed, the Lightning Grenade will explode in a ball of electricity, this will do damage, and will also work like a tazer, not allowing the player to move for a short amount of time, but there is a drawback. If they are not killed while they cannot move, once they can move they will move slightly faster, and will do slightly more damage, thus making this weapon a risk.


  • The Tar “Turret”

When deployed, this weapon will stick to walls, floors, and even ceilings, depending on where the player throws it. Once attached, it will wait for someone to walk by, and it will spit tar at them. This weapon is single-use, but will deal fire damage for a short amount of time after they have been hit.


  • The Homing Missile

This weapon will replace the use of snipers. When fired, a camera will activate on the missile, allowing you to see where the missile is going and control it. This can be used as surveillance, flying the missile into the sky and seeing if anyone is near you, or it can be used to hit someone from around a corner, or from very far away.


  • The Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher will fire basic fragmentation grenades in an arc, nothing very special with this weapon yet.


by Konrad Smith ’23

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