Stream Data: An Ad for 8th Graders

Stream Data: Ad for 8th Graders

Something you should know about the stream data project due on 11/16/18

8th graders. I know many of you are stressed about the stream data website project due 11/16. If you are interested in extra credit on the project, you can get “Up to 10 points for publishing some aspect of your project in FCS Just the Facts or the Phoenix Inquirer (the middle school newspaper)”. If you would like to add an aspect of your project to the newspaper for 10 points (almost 2 pages worth of points) Please email me at

Some things that might be a good idea to add could be a video on how to conduct a water quality test, Some nice photos that you took at the stream site, one or more of the environmental problem paragraphs, or a special project.

Please notify me (Kyle Brady) by November 15th if you want the extra credit.

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