Staying Healthy This Fall and Winter!

The change in weather usually brings on an increase of colds and sickness. FCS is no exception. Our Middle School has been experiencing a sudden wave of sickness ranging from a mild cough to the flu. Alex Rice ‘23 was recently sick and he said it affected his athletic performance.  

Sickness has a lot of impact. It causes school absences, missed sports games not to mention the just feeling awful part. And then there is all of the work you have to make up once you get back to school.

Lucky for us there are some things we can do to help prevent getting sick this fall. You can try to get a flu shot to prevent sickness before it even happens, Try to avoid coming in contact with sick people because the flu and colds spread really easily, If you are sick you should stay at home to avoid spreading the sickness, try to cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze and remember to use your elbow to cover your mouth, not your hands. And most of all wash your hands!!!!  Washing your hands will help get off any germs that may be on them.

These are some tips on how to stay healthy this fall. Follow these tips and maybe you can prevent getting sick any time soon.


by Connor Simpkins ’25

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