Mega Man 11 Review

Includes Spoilers

Mega Man 11 is the latest instalment in the Mega Man series. It features the new mechanic, and really, the coolest feature in a Mega Man game to date: the “double gear system”. This allows you to either “Speed up”(which is really slowing time), or “Power up” which makes your attacks stronger. There is a third mode after you’re down to around 4 bars of health you unlock Overdrive which activates both Power and Speed and gives a strong attack but after the timer ends everything is disabled for a long time. This game has several difficulty levels: Newcomer for noobs like me or people who have never played a Mega man game, Casual for players who want a small challenge, Normal for a real challenge, and Superhero in the game’s own words “only the truest, most hardcore fans need apply.  That is scary hard.

The robot bosses now are Block man, Acid man, Blast man, Fuse man, Bounce man, Torch man, Impact man, and Tundra man. The boss matchups are Block > Acid > Impact > Bounce > Fuse > Tundra > Torch > Blast > Block. Each of the stages has unique enemy layouts and gimmicks. For example, Acid man’s enemies change the color of the liquid to whether it hurts or not with every shot.

After you beat all the boss stages you get to go to the gear castle and do the Wily Stages. The first one is a standard platformer with rotating gears and annoying enemies and the boss is “Yellow Devil” its gimmick is that it breaks into pieces which fly at you. Use the speed gear to slow his bullets down but only periodically so it doesn’t overcharge, then when he forms use the power gear mega buster until he switches to the next form, then do power gear blizzard until he forms again then do mega buster. After that it’s the boss rush where you fight against all previous bosses. Order doesn’t matter, just use the weapons that are best against each one and on the final boss of that stage, a giant head, use blizzard. Finally Wily himself, it is a laughably easy fight just sit in a corner and spam power Gear Blizzard and win. Finally skip the credits because you’re evil (the credits are adorable) and you’ve won!

by Oliver Angert ’24

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Oliver, troll puzzle writer, Smeargle enthusiast, and Shaman main.
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