Eagles/76ers Update

The Philadelphia 76ers and the Philadelphia Eagles have both started their seasons. The Sixers have not played many games yet, but I have a review of the Sixers’ preseason. I also have a review of the Eagles’ season start so let’s get into it.

The 76ers’ first game of the season was a loss to the Boston Celtics. I watched the entire game and from my perspective the Sixers seem to be rusty. The Sixers’ passing game was great, accumulating 18 assists with 8 coming from Ben SImmons. Last season’s Rookie of the Year showed that he had great court vision. The bond of the team was very high, but the SIxers turned the ball over 16 times. However, it is only the first game of the season, I think the Sixers can work their way out of the sloppy play. As for the preseason, the Sixers won three games and only lost one. However, team usually don’t run their best players for preseason. Overall, the Sixers just need to get into the flow of the season, and we have a great team with lots of potential.

The Eagles’ start to the season has been poor. They won three and lost four in the first seven games. Just like the Sixers the Eagles have started of rusty. The defending Super Bowl champions have lost more games than they lost last season, only 7 games into the season. In the Eagles’ most recent game against the Panthers in the game-winning play there was a wide open receiver for the first down, but Wentz tried to go straight for the touchdown instead, which cost them the game.

In conclusion, both of our beloved Philadelphia teams must get into the flow of the season, especially the eagles because they are halfway through the season’s games. The Sixers have an 82-game season to fix their playstyle.


by Christian Whitfield ’23

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