What is Cardlife?

Cardlife is a game based on the idea of a world made of cardboard.

The grass, the trees, the monsters, even the player’s character is made out of cardboard. Cardlife is a survival game with dryads, goblins, bears, wolves, dinosaurs, robots and even more. The game is still in early access so many things are still missing or glitchy, but even so, what the game currently has is amazing. The crafting system is especially unique, if you want to craft a sword, you get the materials and draw your sword in the cardboard. 100 people could have completely different, custom swords, and–guess what?–everything is like this. You can even draw your bed and armor, your doors and signs, everything is custom made by the character. This allows for a whole new level of creativity.

Cardlife has been released to steam on September 4th, 2018, meaning everyone can play the game now. To accommodate the new increased amount of players, the developers added multiplayer. Now you can join public servers or play privately with friends. This could mean a lot. People could set up dedicated servers and build gigantic cities, sprawling mining systems, and beautiful constructions. If you prefer to goof off, don’t feel left out. Turns out that they made the servers with PvP enabled, so you and your friends could build arenas, or build your own little mini games like capture the flag. It is all possible in Cardlife.


by Konrad Smith ’23

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