Chromebooks vs. iPads

Today I’m going to be talking about Chromebooks and iPads, Which one is better?

Well I asked 35 people  at FCS and here are the results. 

Chromebooks: 9         iPads: 26

So as you can see most people prefer iPads. According to the people who answered the question, here are the pros and cons of each device.


Pros: notability, faster, better camera, easier to use (meant for kids), more variety of apps

Cons: keyboards, break easier, no chrome extensions, less storage, no USB ports,



Pros: Battery life,  Keyboard, Chrome extensions, More storage, Comes with stylus,

Cons: Slower than iPads, Not as easy to use camera, Unreliable, Worse photo storage


Victoria Schwoebel (Pro Chromebook) Middle And Upper School Tech:  It was an administrative decision, we felt that the Chromebooks suited all the needs of the Middle School. When this came out, it seemed suited for us, it had stylus, annotations, a keyboard, and different tools. Notability is the one app that students seem to really miss, switching to Squid is taking time, the iPad was good at video, and the camera was good so it is just an adjustment. Using a different class is different when you are so used to using the iPad, getting used to charging it overnight, not having the chargers. It has been a smooth adjustment, different devices work for different people. Chromebooks fit what we are doing. Pro Chromebook.


James Pendrak (Pro iPad) ‘24: Well, iPads are easier to transport because now you are carrying a giant Chromebook around, it is easy to drop. It is easier to get a case for an iPad. If you have a mouse, for your Chromebook, it is easy to drop. You can play games on it but unblocked was better because you are more free, the teacher may be able to still see what you are doing on iPad. The apps on the iPads are better, because the apps on the Chromebook are much worse, they crash more often they are very laggy. On the iPad I did not have to worry about that I loved Notability way more than Squid, it did not crash, ran well easier to use, I don’t have to carry it around. The typing on Chromebooks is better than the iPad because you can use all fingers. I like that Chromebooks have mice.



by Isaac Dubb ’24 and Lyle Goldader ’24

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